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There is an organisation called the Keshe foundation claiming to have developed an antigravity device. This is a fake organisation. They have no independent verification. They are lying. Dont buy anything they are selling. The tickets to see a live demonstration is totally fake. Don't buy their tickets for sale. It is overpriced.

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  • Mr
      May 08, 2011

    Please listen to Mehran tavakoli Keshe of the keshe Foundation
    and decide who is the scam,

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  • Ku
      Aug 23, 2011

    This Keshe fraud has gone on long enough. if you listen to that interview Keshe avoids the very interesting questions like why if Belgium is suppressing him he cant go home to Iran or some other country to develop his technology. After all Iran is supporting him as he says.

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  • To
      Apr 02, 2013

    n organisation, named Keshe Foundation, situated in Ninove, offers cures to a variety of presently uncurable and potentially deadly diseases like multiple sklerosis, fibromyalgia and all sorts of cancer. To my knowledge the organisation has no permission whatsoever to carry out any medical treatment. The method, which is described in the following excerpt from their internet portal, features most of the signs of quack and scam medicine and, in my opinion, should at lest be checked thoroughly in order to protect gullible and/or desparate patients
    Here you can find the whole text of the announcement:
    You are used to taking tablets but with the space health program you only have to drink 1 to 1.5l of water per day from your designated supply and for about half an hour per day breathe air through the system that we provide.
    Since the water and air are part of your body's natural constituents, you heal without any side effects.

    Thus as the body controls the healing process itself,  
    it is safe, natural and permanent.
    Since the water and air are part of your body's natural constituents, you heal without any side effects as your body regulates the healing and there are no chemical changes as with conventional medicines and their side effects. Thus as the body controls the healing process itself, it is safe, natural and permanent.
    As our records from many years of trials show, these processes once set in motion in the body bring about permanent change and there is no need for any further processes or medication from other sources. 
    I do not know, if you are the right person or organisation to handle this request. Please tell me, if I should inform other authorities about this subject.

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  • Mo
      Jun 26, 2013

    maverick4u = Argument is absence of any facts, therefore means nothing
    Kumaran600 = Development done. Bet your embarrassed. Some people now think it wise to see propaganda everywhere, to deny all idea's. Open you mind, you may get fooled sometimes, but always look for the money. His patent belongs to the world, not a corporation. He set it up so no company can claim it and price it out of all existence. Blueprints are yours, mine & ours. Build your own.
    TotallySceptic = Write the foundation?

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  • To
      Jun 26, 2013

    The text I have quoted is the originl text from Keshes health volunteers pdf which has been removed when keshe foudation moved to a new server, obviously to get rid of Keshes most intriguing and stupid annoncements. Some of this announcements were illegel, like the "reports" on his medical experiments.

    However we made copies oft these parts of the old webpage and they are also accessible using the waybck machine.

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  • Mi
      Jul 30, 2015

    Don't believe what is negatively posted... FOLLOW THE MONEY!
    The Keshe Foundation is a wonderful honest organization and presenting technology that has been known and available for many years, but with held from the public domain.


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  • Ch
      Nov 12, 2015

    This is a complaints site, those being complained about should not be allowed to post a PR piece.

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  • Ke
      Sep 07, 2019

    I was sold the so called maggrav generators to reduce electrical consumption and was told fanciful stories of an ice cream factory in Poland that is at zero energy consumption, and was raided by the electricity board and police on suspicion of stealing electricity. I am now sure it was a sales lie to get people to buy these blackened wire coils hooked up to my mains. I bought five from someone making them in South London and put them in different rooms and saw absolutely no change in the bills whatsoever, in fact it increased a bit. I used the fake devices for more than a year and when I complained I was told that my 'energy' made the 'field' reverse and I had to do some elaborate tuning work to get the desired results. Absolute rubbish. Don't waste your time and money on this non sense, it is only powered by hype and hopes for a better world, nothing more, unfortunately.

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