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I see a lot of us are having problems with Keiser due to loans etc. I am going to sue Keiser and if anyone is interested in getting a group of us together for this please message me and we will go from there. Keiser cannot keep getting away with this. The are taking our money and we have to put a stop to this ASAP!

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  • Ri
      20th of Jul, 2009

    I received a call today from a collection agency FMS that was advising me that Keiser University sent them a bad-debt for me. I last attended their school in November of 2006, almost 3 years ago and no one bothered to tell me I owed them money. This is ridiculous to say the least! I bought a house and a new car since attending their school. Not to mention I got robbed by them with the loans they took out in my name that I still have to pay. And to add to that I owe them $ 1, 849. While this is a good amount of money, the time I wasted at their unaccredited University has no price. This school is a complete and total waste please save anyone you know who is considering this school. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Not to mention accredited schools are half as much to go to. Save your time and money.

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  • Sa
      21st of Jul, 2009

    I talked to FMS today also about Keiser (Everglades) University (same school apparently). I took 3 classes with them, filled out a FAFSA form, and did everything I was supposed to do. From day one, I asked Joane Severe in the financial aid office, how much my payments would be after I graduated and was told that there was no way of knowing that information. Every person that I know who attends school online, knows how much their payments will be after they graduate. They wouldn't even tell me what my interestes rate was going to be. Finally, I threatened to withdraw because I could not continue going to a school not knowing what my final payment would be. Seeta in the financial aid office "worked the numbers for me" and came up with the ridiculous amount of around $700/month for 15 years! I withdrew immediately. The school kept almost $1800 of financial aid money but didn't keep the rest. I was going to make payment arrangements to pay off the remainder of the balance totaling almost $4700 but Debbie Butts in financial aid said that I would never receive any statements or receipts of my payments. When I didn'y pay based on the fact that this school did not give me the financial information I was legally entitled to (The Students Right to Know Act), they sent FMS to come and get me. When I told FMS that I was disputing the charges based on the fact that I was not given a full financial statement or even a good faith estimate that, by law, I was entitled to, FMS yelled at me, ridiculed me, and belittled me. they asked for private information, like how much money my husband makes a month, and what I was doing outside the home to pay back the lump sum of money. The rep. laughed at me when I told him that I was a stay at home mom. I told him that I would deal with this privately and not through them, and he laughed, said I couldn't do that, and that he knew that I would be calling back tomorrow. He said I had no grounds to dispute. Basically, I have NEVER been talked to so horrendously in my life! I would rather have my credit ruined than for FMS to make a dime off of me. Please stay away from Everglades University and from Finanancial Management Systems (FMS). The university charges an outrageous amount of tuition and they are not even regionally accredited and FMS using illegal tactics in order to make a buck. I didn't fall for it and am standing my ground no matter what.

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  • Je
      18th of Aug, 2009

    I never attend the school I just applied and I received a letter today from FMS stating I owe 150.00 but I cant get in touch with anyone at Keiser University.

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  • Fl
      22nd of Aug, 2009

    keiser sucks. end of story. i am transfering in two months to attend another college. if they put a hold on my transcript *which they will do even if you DONT owe money... my lawyer WILL be contacted. :)

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  • Ja
      1st of Sep, 2009

    I’m done with them as well! I was an online student and came into the program with an associate’s degree in health sciences. My husband got his BS and a half full tube oh KY Jelly at UOP so we were very cautious to say the least. I was guaranteed that my associate’s degree along with a hand full of other credits had been accepted and that I needed just a year more of school to earn my bachelor’s degree.

    I received a letter two months ago informing me that I needed to resubmit my financial aid application. I’ve always paid cash, had only two more classes to attend and this request raised some alarms. After calling the campus they said it was a scholarship package that I needed to sign because my grades were straight A’s. They even tried to stop me from paying my previous class until I signed the form. Thanks to my husband; I got around that one. Upon reviewing the financial aid / scholarship package I realized that they had me scheduled to attend the university until 2011.

    After refusing to sign the financial aid package and dropping the upcoming class I finally got the Dean’s attention. He agreed to look into everything and asked me to sign the forms; which I emphatically declined. I told him that I would not attend the next class nor would I sign any further forms until I learned: why my associate’s degree and other classes were not accepted, why I had been placed in associate’s level classes, why I had been wasting my time taking classes to earn a degree that I already had, and what the university was going to do to fix it.

    The following week my husband got a phone call telling him to have me log into the class for 20 minutes. LOL! My husband learned that trick with UOP and told her that I would do it soon. He then called the Dean who said that I didn’t need to do it and that he’d talk to the counselor. The next morning my husband got another call from the same counselor demanding that I log in. My husband ripped her “violated her ear”, told her to never call our house again, and hung up on her.

    Well; after another month has passed and I’ve refused to attend another class let alone sign the form the Dean emailed me writing that my whole schedule was made in error and that half the classes I took were unnecessary. When I called him demanding a refund for the classes the line went dead. Now I’m contacting the BBB; which I recommend everyone do, and I’m looking into retaining a lawyer to represent me.

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  • Lv
      1st of Feb, 2010

    I recieved a call and letter from fms collection agency that i owe keiser University 8, 000 dollars because they paid federal student loans on my behalf after i withdrew myself form a class in 2008. Funny thing is i graduated in aug of 2007. So why is it my fault that they took out loans in my name, and had to pay them because i didnt go to school their. The FMS guy says i should just pay because 99% of the time. This destroying my credit. And they cant find any record of Keiser University paying any loans for me. Also, because my parents made two much money, i was never eligible for finacial aid. What do i do!!!

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  • Ma
      4th of Jun, 2010

    I am a single mother and I signed up at Everglades University Online and attended one class and found it to hard for me and my doctor said I could not handle the coursework, that I was not mentally capable of this and although it sounds like an insult fact is its true we filed paperwork for me, I am totally disabled and unable to attend school or work and Everglades university charged me for the whole semester and I barely made it through one class with a d- and now they have sent me to collections for 1200 dollars and I am beside myself, they dont tell you certain things upon enrolling like they want to charge you 25 dollars a month for being an online student and etc. Please I advise everyone stay away very far away. And if anyone has any advice on how to fight them for charging me for a full semester when I only attended one class please let me know. My credit is bad enough, and also they tried to get me to log in even after I withdraw led, people amaze me.

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  • Se
      16th of Aug, 2010

    yep went there for less than a month in 05' just got calls from fms.. now its on my credit... wow.. what can we do?

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  • Do
      26th of Apr, 2011

    Very true i went to Keiser University located in South Florida, Pembroke Pines to be exact, for OTA Program. From the very beginning it seemed like a scam classes were beyond easy and when i started i was told to do 8 Pre-Requisite classes then i would continue into the program. Later on to find out i had to wait over a year before i could even begin those classes . On top of that after my fifth class i started questioning the Dean, Admission counselors and teachers about a wait list which they all told me there was no list that i speak of and that i had nothinng to worry about. Keiser University and 90% of the workers at that "school" are all fraud and in it to just get your money and get you out the door. I am currently trying to file a class action law suit but no attorney wants any part of it which they claim is because the school makes you sign such an enormous amount of papers before you start which all are a bunch of loop holes, so please dont go to Keiser or any other "schools" like this all it will do is put you in great debt and have nothing to show for it.

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  • Ah
      16th of Mar, 2012


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  • Tr
      5th of Jun, 2012

    I was interested in the RN program at Keiser University in Sarasota. Has anybody had an issues pertaining to this course? Or are all of the complaints about money? Email me at [protected] if you've attended. I have questions and i'm tired of not finding the answers. Thanks

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  • Kj
      2nd of Jul, 2012

    im in ive exhausted all my resources..the school and its fake, uneduactors, 386 310-4376 im kc btw thanks

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  • De
      4th of Dec, 2012

    This has happened to me as well, and I am BEYOND frustrated!!

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  • Ki
      10th of Dec, 2012

    I attended in Port St Lucie, Florida. They locked me out of class numerous times, and did not inform me that I had only three days into the semester to drop. My original financial aid advisor left in the middle of processing my aid and I was not informed until a week later when they locked me out of class because I didn't turn in a form I didn't know I needed. I have had so many problems there in just one semester.
    My name is Katie by the way

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  • Ve
      5th of Feb, 2013

    Keiser, Keiser, Keiser! This is instituiton is a complete scam. Now they have this re-traininning settlement for previous students and guess what...thats a SCAM too! Keiser ruined my life and now Im thousands of dollars in debt. Can they get away with this?

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  • Dr
      17th of Aug, 2013

    Im having the same issue with keiser i want to file a complaint with the board where do i go please contact me via email [protected]

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  • Dr
      17th of Aug, 2013

    Im having the same problem with keiser as well as online classes with no teachers yes no teachers are teaching online they appear online but theres no one there teaching. Books are not available when u go buy them they tell u they ran out so u do the foot work and find one. I want to file a complaint with the school board where do i go can someone please help? Email me at [protected]

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  • Be
      3rd of Oct, 2013

    Contact Feldman, Fox, and Morgado, PA in Tampa Florida. I'm suing Keiser maybe they can help you out. Call

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  • Ti
      22nd of Jan, 2015

    Keiser University is a rip off! Yea it sounds nice to complete a program in a quicker amount of time but it is not worth it!!! They sent me to a collection agency not even six months since I dropped and told me that I basically lost money and that to take my last to pre req classes I have to reapply and I will have another $3600 to pay on top of the money that was towards the four classes even though I only completed two. In the end this university is that worth of that financial harship expecially when they charge you for classes you didn't even take! Kesier is a rip off!

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