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RE: Order no. 2022924
Blodgett Zephaire 200-E Convection Oven

I would strongly advise any serious consumer to stay away from this place, even if their prices might look good. Honestly I am a regular at and I was always skeptical of this place, but I figured I'd give them a try this time because they were substantially cheaper than Webstraunt. Boy did I make a BIG mistake! I wished I looked at these reviews earlier. I placed my order in early May for an oven which had a MINOR configuration to it, so it was classified under "special order" (which I am fine with). Basically, they claimed that I can place the order with them and they send the order in to the manufacturer. Okay, so when I placed my order the sales rep asked me if I was OK with a 17 day lead time. At the time, in May, I was completely fine with that. What can be so bad with a three week lead time? Or at least so I thought. It's been over a month now and I have not received any information regarding my order. So I called Katom last week inquiring about my order, and they informed me how my order is on it's way... "it should be there by the end of the week", he said. Well, guess what - I still have not received my order! Here we go again. I called Katom again and asked about my order they said it's in their warehouse and it's due to ship within a day or two, but, she added "I will get you the tracking info by the end of the day". The end of the day came. And went. NO tracking info. So I called again, now they say that my order has not even been placed!!! How crazy/insane can you be, Katom??? It's over a month since I placed my order - what's going on here??? Why can't you get your act together? Why is heaven's name does it take over a month to submit the order to a manufacturer? Not to mention all of the lies I was told over the phone that my order is in the warehouse... arriving soon... (forgot to mention- They did offer to "compensate" me to waive the $45 lift-gate fee... What a joke!!!) Only thing I can say is that I will NEVER EVER BE GOING BACK HERE!!!

Jun 25, 2018

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