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- BE CAREFUL - This person - troy miller - presents himself as a professional photographer and claims involvement with the Hamilton Fire Department to gain legitimacy and raise the level of comfort you have with him. He - troy miller - lures attached and married women through social networks like linkedin and facebook and proceeds to develop sketchy relationships with them and interferes with their personal lives. Check his linkedin and facebook profile contacts and see that they are mostly women. He uses personal information gained against the women and threatens to destroy their home-life if they do not continue to see him. Steer clear of this person. You will regret that you ever met him.

Jun 29, 2015
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  • Sa
      1st of Jun, 2016

    I am writing to retract a complaint I made just under 1 year ago under the Alias of Samantha Brooks.

    1 year ago I was involved in a failing marriage.
    Instead of taking the onus of responsibility upon myself I blamed other people for the failing marriage.
    At the time Troy Miller of Karma Photography had done some work with my now ex. They had become friends. When my marriage failed I blamed everyone else for this except myself.

    I wrote a complaint on this board as a personal attack on Troy that was completely false and defamatory in nature.
    Through this passed year Troy contacted a Lawyer and the case went through the court.
    The judge has court ordered me to take the complaint down and if it was not removable to write a public apology.
    So seeing as I wrote the complaint under an alias of Samantha Brooks I am not able to remove the complaint, hence why I am writing this public apology.
    I was not able to deal with the stresses of my split and instead of being a man, I chose to be a coward and wrote the false review on Troy Miller, Karma Photography and the fact that he works for the Hamilton Fire Department.
    I sincerely apologize for any pain and suffering this may have caused to any and all parties involved.

    Again I hope you can forgive me.


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  • As
      18th of Jul, 2016

    I am happy you wrote this, I was going to write a not so nice comment to you. Troy has worked very hard for what he has . Weather it be the fire department (that I 100% know he was/or still is in) Or his intentions as a person. He is one of the kindest people I have had the pleasure of knowing. He is a very skilled artiest along with everything else he does . He is humble and very kind. If your wife left you, that is no ones fault but your own. I knew Troy years ago and was shocked to see such thing wrote about him.

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