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They claim to have a very affordable service and low monthly fee. They are complete scammers and this is exactly what they did to me. I signed up with for a 1-(800) number that I could receive local calls on in the Southern most part of Florida. What they started doing was very interesting because all of a sudden I started receiving call from all over the United States with different area codes. I never gave anyone my number so I had a good feeling it was them scamming me since each call to a voicemail will pay them about 1.00 to 10.00 per call...See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Miami, FL Well I answered alot of these calls and sure enough there was nobody on the other line... just a dead air time automated AUTODIALER... pure scam and they get away with it. the FCC should do something about that and it should be illegal. I'm pissed off so I canceled my check card and they will not receive a penny out of my last bill because of what they did to me. I hope they take me to court for this. I will ruin their reputation. What they're doing is using a phone to deduct easy money from their customer's bank accounts. I don't like scammers especially when they scam someone whos trying to save a few bucks.

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  • Li
      Oct 05, 2009

    Kall8 does not generate calls to its customer's numbers. Sometimes the number chosen was owned and advertised by a previous person and therefore can receive wrong number calls. If this happens, Kall8 will replace the number with a new one.

    If this complaint was made by a real Kall8 customer then please contact Kall8's customer service and ask to speak to a supervisor and let us know what happened.

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  • Ms
      Jan 26, 2018

    @Lisa2009 Supervisors at Kall8 are insensitive and would rather argue with a customer than fairly refund or credit their customer accounts. I agree with this person who's being ripped off for suspicious spam calls being made into their 800#. I started getting calls from Kall8 asking me to add more money to my account on a much more frequent basis because they said I had no more money on my account when in fact 80% or more of the incoming calls were suspicious spam calls from numbers I do not recognize, and Kall8 expected me to pay for this. The red flag appeared when as a customer I tried to explain to billing on 3 different incidents of the same activity that I should not be billed for spam calls coming into their network and expected a refund or credit, but Kall8 billing rep Craig was not only insensitive, but he preferred arguing with me instead of refunding or crediting my account. I also spoke with Jennifer who told me she would speak with Craig about my concerns and my account but when he called me back he did absolutely nothing like she did--its like they were working together to do absolutely nothing. I filed a complaint with the FTC and FCC and I will no longer use this company and do not recommend it to anyone.

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  • quoting Lisa2009

    "If this complaint was made by a real Kall8 customer then please contact Kall8's customer service and ask to speak to a supervisor and let us know what happened."




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  • Ky
      Feb 15, 2010

    I've had Kall8 service for a long time. I have 21 numbers with them at this time. I did notice
    some of the new numbers get a few calls to start with. However their overall service is great.
    You can't beat their service and prices.
    AND NO ! I don't work for them. I have a Garage Doors Company in Florida, a P I Agency
    in Ms, An Intelligence Agency in Washington DC, A Paralegal service in Orlando, FL>
    If you think this is fake here is my number [protected] and yes a Kall8 number.

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  • Pa
      Feb 17, 2010


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  • Pa
      Feb 17, 2010


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  • Pa
      Feb 17, 2010

    EN / I / N/ G/ L/ E/ S/ NOO

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  • Mk
      Feb 22, 2010

    I've had a Kall 8 (800) number for over three years and have had no real problem. I have had about a dozen calls in that time looking for the business that used to have my (800) number, and I simply told them that the number now belongs to my business. This may be what happened to you Charlie411? It could have been that the (800) number you bought was the former (800) of another business and people were calling you and thought they had the wrong number??? No, I don't work for Kall 8 either. Just trying to help perhaps offer an explanation... MK

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  • Te
      Mar 11, 2010


    I see this complaint is dated but...

    I've had many kall8 numbers over the past years and haven't received any dead-air calls, maybe one or two asking for the previous owner of the 800 number. Ive also always had good luck getting a Kall8 representative on the phone with virtually no wait time.

    Anyways - these dead-air calls would have been logged in your account. One could then Google search them to see who might have been on the other end. Kall8 provides free Blocking options available to block calls from out of state, block individual numbers, etc.

    If you were spending $10 checking Voicemail (14ish minutes at 6.9 cents per minute), you could of had VoiceMails forwarded to your email at no additional charge or pay their flat rate of $3 per month to check your voicemail as much as you want. Kall8 is an amazing service with many features like this including dedicated fax lines at only $2 a month (most online fax services are $12+ per month).

    Several of my clients have multiple Kall8, 800 numbers and are extremely pleased with their service. Their website is very clean and easy to use, and there are many free options to take advantage of. I am not affiliated with Kall8 but I believe they are a premier 800 number provider and deserve a fair review. At the prices they charge it's amazing they can offer so much.

    Better luck with your next one,

    Brian Spaulding

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  • Mi
      Mar 14, 2010

    I use Kall8 and have had a few numbers through them. One number kept getting hit by an autodialer out of some sothern sate. I did some research on-line, and found a ton of complaints from this auto-dialer from a a bunch of 1-800 customers of a number of different services (none that I found were Kall8 customers). Anyway, I just dumped that number and got a new one. A year later, and no problems. Aside from the hassle of having to tell people that my number had changed, it was no big deal. Maybe your number just sucked? I have no problem with Kall8, and could find no indication that they were behind the autodialing. I think you are taking a pretty big jump to an unsubstantiated conclusion.

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  • Mi
      Mar 14, 2010


    Here's the autodialer that was getting me on that one specific Kall8 number.

    Again, when I switched to a new number quite a while ago, I haven't gotten even one dead air call. Kall8 is out of Seattle. I can't find any way to connect them with some dirtbag out of Denton, Texas.

    Charlie, I really don't think Kall8 was the culprit.


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  • St
      Jun 04, 2010

    We have used Kall8 for years and have only recently had any problem, and that is NOT related to Kall8. Scammers are apparently capable of generating our toll free number as their callback number and people are calling claiming that our number is on their Caller ID. Also, we're receiving the "fax scammer" calls. We are now blocking certain area codes and Kall8 has been courteous about our issue and offered us a new number if we aren't satisfied with the results of blocking. As far as we are concerned, this complaint is unfounded and erroneous.


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  • Nd
      Oct 03, 2010

    I have had many Kall8 number for years. Not until I tried to transfer one of my newer 800 numbers over to another provider did I realize that Kall8 charges fees for newer numbers transfered out. If I was made aware of it, I could have avoided a $50 "administrative service charge"... its [censor]ed, but the company holds your business presence in their hands, what is one to do? I thought that for the fee to buy the number I would actually own it... not some "lease agreement"... this is BS. I am going to transfer all my less busy numbers away from their service after their 12 month period "loaner" period. I've already bit the bullet and transfered my busy ones away. Kall8 is a joke! I now use voip.** (i starred it out myself, don't mean to advertise anyone).

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  • Ze
      Oct 05, 2010

    I have a kall8 number so my kids mother and the kids can call me for free since they are low income and cant afford a cellphone or long distance .I havent had any problems other than a few miss directed calls looking for a sex line. all i did is but a block up on all area codes execpt the ones i want calling me. im a happy kall 8 customer and i do not work for them either but i do work in the industry and my company offers toll free service but kall 8 is cheaper and alot better in features and total minute cost.

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  • Ed
      Nov 28, 2010 has interesting features and low rates however we have one major complaint about Kall8 does not protect the customer's privacy. Once after you sign up Kall8 will request that you fax or email them your private information such as your passport copy, Driver's license, front and back copy of your credit card, proof of address. Kall8 claims they need this information for their fraud department but it is only a way to get private data from the customer. We believe Kall8 should respect people's privacy. We believe this request for personal data is in case the customer wants to sue Kall8 for possible over charging or billing. It is Kall8's leverage against their own customers. Overall, Kall8 is not recommended and there would be better options for getting toll free numbers.

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  • Fa
      Feb 07, 2011

    Defintely smacks of a Phishing Scam.

    They want a copy of your signature, your credit card details faxed to them (online I can understand, but faxed to them?), a photocopy of the front and back of your credit card, and a photocopy of your passport.

    The English levels of their customer service in their emails has also given me pause for thought. It is quite broken, and makes me wonder if these details aren't being handled in Islamabad rather than Seattle. Does this sound like the title a Native speaker would use... "We are requiring additional information". I think not.

    Not worth the risk.

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  • Sv
      Aug 26, 2019

    @fair-review I experienced the exact same thing today. I live in Switzerland and they were asking me for this same ridiculous level of personal information. I finally said not when they asked me to send actual pics of my credit card! Not worth it!

    Then the account exec issued an ultimatum (also in extremelly poor English), it was basically "either send info we are requestions in the next 24 hours or we will not connect your account"
    What!!?? The guy must have been out of his mind! They just lost a client for life...

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  • Ch
      Mar 09, 2011

    We use Kall8 to track the incoming calls to our many clients, and I've never had a problem with this company. I know this for a fact since I monitor the tracked calls.
    I've used Kall8 service for over 2 years now, and I've been pleased with the ease of use and basic no frills feature, and I've also had good experience with their customer service and support. Couldn't say a bad thing about them.

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  • Sy
      Mar 27, 2011

    I have had a Kall8 account since 2004. I currently have about 8 numbers with them. I highly recommend the company. The complaints I've read here are ridiculous paranoia at work.

    Any time you get a new number - you run the risk of a previous owner of the number having a lot of callers who don't necessarily want to speak to you and you may not like paying for their calls. I have one toll free that is very similar to a major company's fax number. I get nearly a fax a day intended for them. I like the number, it is easy to remember, etc. so I have turned off fax reception and that has cut way back on the
    'unwanted traffic'. Kall8 offered me another number at no charge. I decided to keep this one because it is a premium number for me, easy for my customers to remember.

    For what it is worth - some of the prices quoted here are clearly 'off the mark'. Kall8 charges .07 per minute. You can set connect time to voice mail or faxes with a time or page limit. If you have a $10 'message call' - that means it was connected for over 2 hours - it isn't Kall8's fault if you are terminally stupid.

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  • Jo
      Nov 02, 2011

    KALL8 AGENT REVIEW: If your thinking of becoming an agent or affiliate program partner for KALL8, don't bother. I was an agent for 8 years and it was great in the beginning and had 65 customers through my website. Bu over time they remove your customers and create direct accounts to cut out the agents. Now after 8 years, they left me with 3 customers. And who is the three customers left? Three family members that I had to call KALL8 to get back because I can prove they are my customers! I can't prove they original 62 were my customers, because I couldn't contact them. I haven't had a customer since. Their agent program blows!

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  • Jo
      Apr 12, 2012

    Johnny, I am in charge of the Kall8 agent program and am very concerned about your comment. We do not take customers from agents and I would very much like to talk to you about what happened. I would contact you but can not find an Agency associated with you by name. I can be reached directly at [protected]. Thank you! Jody

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  • Ke
      Jun 15, 2012

    This is a great example of one person's bad luck turning into someone else's good luck. Read on. You'll be glad you did.

    I have been having a nightmare experience with a DIFFERENT 800# company (Not Kall8) and have not been able to reach anyone with their customer service department to fix the fact that my 800# had not been working.

    So, I immediately started calling different 800# companies to transfer my # over. I was finding a few companies had hidden fees that they didn't show on their website and was finding it extremely frustrating.

    Then I stumbled onto this "complaint" and started reading the reviews. The original complaint (and really- the only one I can see on this thread) sounds to me like a simple issue of people calling the old number- as many people suggested.

    That said, for purely selfish reasons, I'm glad the complaint was made because that caused Jody to leave his contact number and I called him for help!

    Jody then immediately jumped on the case with transferring my number over (it's not complete yet- but mind you, I'm writing this review w/in only about 30 minutes of reading this review).

    I can tell you this much... I am new to Kall8 but so far I am THRILLED with the assistance I am getting and am thrilled to be speaking to a live human being- that truly understands what customer SERVICE means. I'm finding it more and more rare these days and that makes me that much more grateful for it when I experience it. Great Customer Service, that is...

    Thanks Jody for all the help- and for anyone reading this- all I can say is- this company has really saved the day for me.

    **Oh, and that OTHER company I will soon no longer be with? Here's a link to their BBB report. It ain't pretty:

    And now for the BBB report on KALL8.. A score of A+. as you will see:


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  • Do
      May 06, 2013

    YES THEY SCAMMMMM!!! I have had their number for over 2 months now and I get random numbers that call and sit there and wont talk. They sit on the phone while you sit there asking "hello?" to rack up your time. Anyone who is dumb enough to ask "hello" for over a min probably shouldn't have a 1800# to begin with. I looked up their history on this site prior to me getting their service and I wanted to test it out myself. Yes the rates are cheap and it works, but the fact that just because I may not use my 1800# a lot doesn't mean they should have people that call from all over the US from random #'s and sit on the line silently. I get this in my voice mail as well - if this was people who are legitimately calling an old # there would be someone one the line asking for Macy's are some prior establishment. Not someone who sits quietly on the line afraid to talk. It happens about 1-5x a week.. only adds up to an extra couple bucks a month, but as soon as I can afford a better service I will do so.

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  • Xp
      Oct 21, 2013

    I have had the same problem with zombie calls on Kall8. I have two numbers with Kall8, and I get 3-6 calls PER DAY between them. No one answers. All calls come from different locations around the country, ALL with invalid return numbers. My 800 line is very low activity, so the zombie calls are pretty much the only calls I've received.

    My agreed upon $2/month bill is frequently more than $10, sometimes as high as $13.

    My email to customer service has gone unanswered. Strangely, when I did complain, the zombie calls stopped for 3 days, but then started up again. Coincidence? I think not.

    Kall8 is running a scam. I will be seeking another provider.

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  • Ed
      Oct 07, 2014

    Kall8 is legit - they are NOT trying to 'scam' anyone. Many people have used their service for years with great satisfaction. The silent calls/VMs you are receiving from various numbers are part of a telecom fraud scheme, called Toll Free Traffic Pumping, where fraudsters are intentionally generating these long silent calls for revenue. The calls come from various numbers because the fraudsters are spoofing other people's phone numbers to perpetuate their fraud. This is also why blocking these numbers will not stop the calls from coming into your line. You can read more about this scheme and how the scammers make money in the attached FBI bulletin (link below).

    There is no need for you to record or report these calls to Kall8. Unfortunately, this issue is like e-mail SPAM/Phishing messages in that, at one point or another, every toll free number (not just Kall8 numbers) will experience the issue.

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  • Tr
      Jan 10, 2015

    I Work at a dealership I added tracking numbers for my sales people for specific ads I first started using Kall8 then ended up switching to a new company one of my guys still was receiving calls from New York, Canada all over the country it got so bad he wanted to change his number! Calls would come in at 3am in the morning! I was wondering why this was happening so I looked at all the call notifications and there it was Kall8 all the calls were coming in from out of state. I cancelled the account hopefully the calls will stop!

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  • Pa
      Jan 29, 2016

    Call8 KICKS ### and is the BEST TOLL FREE SERVICE I have ever used, and I have been a loyal customer based in San Diego for almost TEN years. DON'T BELIEVE THE HATER COMMENTS, THEIR BS, KALL8 is AWESOME!!!

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  • Fo
      Mar 14, 2017

    Kall8 suggestion that would overwhelmingly cease these complaints. What Kall8 needs to do is once a new customer signs on allow for 14-25 days of their number being in service. Any odd calls accounted for, where if there are excessive false calls the client has option for new number, or retain same number as the odd andor unwanted calls are flushed out as the number remains in service. Simple and everyone wins. It may be a little work for the new owner to keep track for a few months but one thing for sure is in that the problem you have with new 800 service is no different than new cell phone, or new landline number, or when you move to new area-code location and obtain unwanted calls. Someone else has owned the number at some point you are going to get a call. When was the last time you moved and the mail came for the other resident that lived there? Get a grip---stop ###ing and solve the challenge. I believe Kall8 be more than willing work with REASONABLE CUSTOMERS.

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  • Ab
      Mar 15, 2017

    I created a local phone number so that I can share that number on my product advestisements, so that any inquiry calls will get redirected to my personal phone number. I immediately recognised, it is not actually working in that way.But instead I will get a ring from the caller, and I wont be able to connect to the caller, and if the caller sent a voice mail, I will get it on my phone. They will say many stories, call forwading will not work. Only voice mail will come to you. So within 1 hour, I requested a cancellation and refund of my money to my card. Customer support said she will place a request to the billing dept...I am not very convinced with that reply . I will wait and see if they will refund by tomorrow

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  • Jx
      Dec 21, 2017

    I 100% AGREE. I was a customer of and had the very, very same issue. I cancelled my account due to it. Sucks cause now I'm without the number I put on my business cards, so I have to reprint them. I wish people and companies would be honest. The world would be so much better for EVERYONE. Thanks for speaking up.

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  • Pf
      Nov 07, 2018

    I have to agree with the original poster. I had a different provider last year. On average I would get 2-3 calls/month which left fax tones on my voicemail. The last few months I have been receiving 30-40 voicemails with dead air, each maxing out my messages at 3 minutes with 4 minutes of connection time.

    I have a very good toll free number with repeating digits which looks like a vanity number. I ported it in from another provider. Now if I want to change my number it will cost me over $148/ month for a comparable number through kall8. They won’t allow me to swap comparable numbers and keep my same rate plan.

    I cannot prove that it is Kall8, but it seems very suspicious. I have my current number on their cheapest rate, but now I am forced to give it up and pay more. Reading that this has happened to another kall8 customer, prompted me to share my experience. Could they be targeting low monthly cost users and increasing their bills with spam calls?

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  • I was considering using Kall8 but after the reviews I change my mind. Also on their website it states in one section that there is a 199.00 port out fee for numbers acquired by them, yet another section says it’s a 50.00 fee. That minor inconsistency could be an issue. I recently had a HORRIBLE experience with iplum / iplum app. Iplum app closed my 2 business out of RETALIATION of me leaving bad reviews because they overcharged me and would not credit my account or refund it. Then iplum replied to a bad review saying they closed my account due to me and buddies racketeering. An absolute lie. I hardly got calls on that business line and there were no “buddies” or anyone else linked to my account. They sent threatening emails and closed my account because they were upset about the bad review. Iplum app goes through great lengths to hide / delete Facebook reviews. Iplum app disables YOUTUBE comments but you can tell from the “thumbs down” that customers are unhappy. Iplum app’s “5 Star” reviews that come up in google is from a review company. You can’t leave a review and if you call the phone number on the review site, it will tell you that they are a review company. It’s been on 539 “5 star reviews for the longest”

    I say that to say this, I am EXTREMELY cautious about who I do business with after the HORRIBLE SERVICE from IPLUM APP. I will continue to warn others about iplum and give bad review on every site possible .

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  • No
      Apr 30, 2019

    I set up a number with Kall8, I then decided I didn't want to go ahead with the service, so I didn't use it. Today I received a call from Kall8 out of the blue, it lasted 10 seconds, and I was charged $2!!!

    Thieves! Stay away.

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