Kaiser Permanente Urology Deptbad treatment, not referring me to where I need a surgery done

Here we go again with Kaiser in Panorama City. I have this Varicocele vein problem in my private area. It is extremely painful to have. Its a large vein that has gone bad and it leaks blood into that area and it becomes toxic. I am no doctor but the way it feels now in that area it feels like it is infected in there.

I was checked by their Urology dept back in December and in January and was treated poorly and rudely by the 2 doctors there. They refused to do anything for me and would not authorize a surgery for this. They just told me to take advil or tylenol and take sitz baths. That was ridiculous to tell me that and it did not help at all. Now months later I am in worse pain than ever and can hardly sleep at all.

So I am in contact withe Member Services to get a referral to UCLA medical Center so they can do the surgery for this and I just keep getting the run around meanwhile this thing is getting worse and Member Services says I will have to wait like 14 more days and they want a second opinion. They are just jerking me around and taking risks with my health and I am sick and tired of it. Procrastination on this matter could be putting my life at risk. UCLA has a department that specializes in vein problems and surgeries for this.

So I just sent them a message back voicing my displeasure of this whole matter and said to them do the right thing and help me or I will seek legal counsel and they can talk to them instead of me ! We have rights as patients to go to our Healthcare Organization to get treated with care and with respect not to be treated poorly or with abusive attitudes by doctors or nurses. They dont treat me with respect but out of respect for them I did not post the 2 doctors names here. If anyone wants their names message me here and I will give them to you.

May 04, 2017

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