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Kaiser Permanente / marked do not rehire

1 Downey, CA, United States

I was hired to work at Kaiser Permanente in 2011. I worked for them for nearly 2.5 years and could NOT get hired full time within my department despite moving to another medical center. The Union made it nearly impossible to work days full-time after my tenure ship there I decided to take a full time Hospice QA position. I did not misrepresent myself at my interview, the manager seemed to like me. I told her I had some experience with QA, date and trending but by no means did I ever do this full time in this designated position. I was hired, put in a managerial position and was given NO training. Minimal instruction and I could tell right away this was not going to work out for me personally. I was called into to speak to my manager where she asked me to perform and show her how to open, start an excel speed sheet. I couldn't' do it. I knew it was the sign and she knew she hired the wrong person. I gave my 2 week notice. She accepted it. I was assured she would help me look for another job within KP. I applied like crazy and NOTHING happened. It shocked me as I should of been a shoe in for at least several positions for interviews. I had not choice but to resign with the notice I gave and sough employment outside. On my last day I was doing what I could do wrapping up what I could and I was called into my managers office at noon. She handed me my final check told me that was all and I said I was helping with the final data input and she said "its not necessary". I though I left on good terms! After applying like made for months with not so much as a call back I called HR and asked them about my file. My final manager marked me a DO NOT rehire. I do not know why. I never misrpresented myself. My manager made it clear she didn't want or have anyone to train me and from the get go I knew this job was not going to work out. I gave my 2 weeks and fought to find job at KP. NO such luck. I don't know if I have any recourse.

Dec 7, 2018

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