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Kaiser Permanente / incompetent doctors

1 Geary AvenueSan Francisco, CA, United States

Had a severe leg infection following surgery none of 5 doctors could identify. First four just circled the progression of the infection and told me to come back if the infection spread. It did, overnight. Was almost to my crotch when I forced the issue with the doctor who had performed the hysterectomy (5th doctor). He said it wasn't his area. I wouldn't let him do the follow-up pap until the infection was resolved. I insisted he feel how hot and hard the leg/infection was, to observe the color and progression, and to take it seriously. He couldn't identify it, so went and telephoned a medical friend in another part of the country. He came rushing back, suddenly attentive and concerned. Told me the infection could have killed me. Prescribed several strong antibiotics he insisted I immediately get and start taking. To this day there is purple and red in the leg. It was a common infection people often get following surgery/after hospital stays, but NONE of the 5 doctors could identify it, or take it seriously. Doctors don't want to touch you - you have to get nasty and insist. In OBGYN - referred there for intense internal pain that turned out to be a UTI - they wouldn't run the simple test without first doing a Pap. It was unbelievably painful due to the UTI infection. They didn't care.

I had to insist one doctor feel the hard and painful lump in my leg - once she relented her entire being changed. She was almost in panic mode because she realized after feeling it that it was a blood clot. Went in some years ago with what might have been a heart attack - they lost the X rays and test results twice.

Urine samples have been lost/tipped over and I've had to sit there until I could produce another one. Drop-in is a nightmare, and patients are repeatedly mislead and kept waiting for extensive periods of time even with appointments. Patients are lied to about samples being sent to the lab - they aren't. Patients have to go to the lab and have the lab re-run the same tests.

Patients aren't cued into procedure preps, I've had to cancel tests because I wasn't properly prepped. I hadn't been told. In the case of an external colonoscopy they only told me about the reactive material a few minutes before the procedure when they asked me if I had a reaction to it. How would I know? They should have warned me so I could look it up. In the Dermatology department a sadist male doctor removed a huge skin tag on my neck with a vibrating needle without numbing the area or giving me anything at all for the pain before or afterwards. And when a growth on my arm I'd questioned doctors about for years turned out to be cancer, the Asian doctor didn't call me with test results as promised. When I did get an appointment with her, she kept me waiting almost 45 minutes - talking to collogues outside the exam room. When she did come in, she waked to the computer, and as she was sitting down, with her back to me, she said "Well, it is cancer. What do you want to do about it?" She didn't even look at me! And how could I decide on the treatment without knowing what the options were, the respective success rates, and doing research?

But that is the San Francisco Kaiser. Good God, you can't even get blankets when freezing in the emergency room! It is a joke - but it Isn't funny. And it SURE isn't competent medical care! And women, particularly older women, are ignored, insulted, and pushed under the rug whereas male patients are catered to, given more time, and actually tested - whereas unsubstantiated assumptions are made about female patients and entered into respective medical histories. Many times patients are not aware of that, particularly if they are older and not computer literate. But it is routine for information to be fabricated and put into patient histories, and for medical test results and records to totally vanish. That's not medicine.

Aug 12, 2015

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