Kaiser Permanente / customer service

Sacramento, United States

After being on Kaiser from the age of six months to now at 58 and never having a problem, all that has changed. In the last few years the rates have gone up and up and service has gotten worse. It's all about the money. I have a chronic, painful condition- arthritis in my neck (diagnosed by a Kaiser Dr. by x-rays) and TMJ. I have had an RX for a pain medicine and muscle relaxer for years, which was used only as needed and sparingly. I was sent a notice recently that they had assigned me a new Dr. after years of seeing the old one, who never gave me a problem with refills. I recently sent in a refill request for my meds and the request was denied saying I had to come in for "lab tests" and an evaluation to determine "if I actually had the condition and or if it still existed" What??? NO! I'm not stupid and know Arthritis and TMJ do not resolve. They are permanant conditions and "lab tests" etc. are NOT necessary for these conditions. Nor are "lab tests" even used to diagnose these conditions. They only want me to come in and pay the MUCH higher than before co-pays to run tests that are not necessary and are worthless as far as my conditions. They kept me going through tons of red tape and hearings I didn't request only to keep denying me my meds. NO more Kaiser for us. We are leaving and going to a new health plan. Kaiser is no longer the good company it once was. Now it's corporate greed.

Feb 18, 2015

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