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Midrand, South Africa

Principal Agent: MIDRAND Just Letting. NO RESPONSE!!!

It is with a heavy heart that I sit to draft this email, as I am not, by nature, prone to conflict or confrontation.
I’ll address the issues from the top, as I am experiencing them.


1. XXXXXX pitched up at the Unit sometime in 2012, requesting to sit down for a chat, and “to have a look around”. I had no issue with this, and a comfortable and cordial relationship was established, as I know we are taking care of his unit as per contractual agreement. Several visits followed
2. There was a major structural issue with leaking pipes ages ago – on one of XXXXX’s visits, I pointed this out to him, and he had this repaired. PLEASE NOTE: I left various messages on the number provided by XXXXX, requesting her to revert to my call, which did NOT happen.
3. XXXXXX is alleging to Just Letting that I contacted HIM to see him, after a recent spat about an entry tag. Common sense should prevail – prior to his initial visit, and subsequent “follow up” visits, I had NO idea who this gentleman was, where he lived, or how I could reach him…XXXXX, I was not privy to this info. He inserted himself into our existence, as and when it suited him.


4. This may be ascribed to the fact that the procedures pertaining to the retaining of said tags AFTER the change of the entrance system.
5. I started working offshore on 01 July 2013, and yet again, left various messages for XXXXX to call me in order to obtain and share contact details. Various messages were left – no response to my requests. I had to leave for France and Angola respectively, and have as yet, to this day, had NO explanation or information from Just Letting OR the agent responsible for maintaining my contract wrt the fact that only one tag was to be issued per household!! XXXXX, as a matter of fact...on a recent return to my rented home, I was DENIED entry, based on the simple fact that I did not have a tag. Needless to say, this galled me to no end!! Just Letting simply did not bother to notify either myself or my daughter of changes.
6. I cannot, and will not accept the excuse that I “could not be reached”, as the agent knows where we live! The agency is very quick to point out that a payment is late, on the odd occasions that I have not had internet access in remote areas of Angola, but when serving the cause of the tenant through an agent, we are let down? Unfair, Sir.
7. Considering that the agent did not bother returning my calls when requested to do so prior to my departure in July 2013, I contacted the owner, insisting on a tag…of course he got on his high horse, and the cordial relationship was totally soured because of a lack of communication.
8. He insisted that I pay him R300 for his tag, which I duly did.
9. This morning her called my daughter (who lives with me) insisting that this tag is returned to him…


10. XXXXX, I’m pretty certain agent fees apply to any rentals, as is the norm across the board
11. I have no idea what you are being told, but, Sir, I’m telling you now: the agent responsible for my account is in NO way remotely attempting to communicate with me or XXXXX, my daughter. She was informed of a change of electronic address, but I am giving you the tail end of all this: I HAVE, on numerous occasions, tried to get in touch with XXXXX, but to no avail. Change of electronic address was sms’d to her from 082 XXX XXXX, and no receipt was acknowledged. This was done on my last visit to ZA, during the first week of Feb 2014


12. I was informed that there would be an increase of 10% as from 01 April 2014. I requested XXXXX to follow up on our discussion as per conveyed email address to her. This has not been done to date.
13. I wish to retain the lease for 2014, but no detail is forthcoming?


14. Kindly assist. I prefer to be given a solid contact in the light of my absence from ZA due to work commitments. I simply cannot be put on hold indefinitely, as a lack of information, and an excess of disinformation is influencing goodwill and patience, as you may well agree.
15. Again, please find contact details: (supplied)

Mar 7, 2014

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