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Just Energy / still charging after contract is up

Guelph, ON, Canada Review updated:

My contract for Just Energy was up in January. I had 3 sales people come to my door and try to get me to renew. I told them thanks but no thanks. It is now May and they are still on my utility bill. I called to find out why and they tell me that I have to either phone them or mail them with my decision. This is crap, I didn't resign anything so they have no entitlement to charge me. I can't get anywhere with phoning them, there representatives don't know anything and won't give you any answers other than their standard "we are waiting for your call to tell us that you don't want to renew" If I wanted to renew I would have signed another contract. Also they are saying that my electricity service is not up until August. I don't know how that can be since I signed up for both at the same time. I will be talking to my MPP and see if they can do anything, or maybe I should contact the newspaper. They are ripping people off and making their money illegally.

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  • Ca
      29th of May, 2012

    We should get a class action going...has just informed me we have been paying nearly five times the actual price - for 6 years because they never did cancel our contract when we called - watch out!!!

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  • Ju
      13th of Jul, 2012

    So last night a just energy sales person came to the door (3rd time this week) - when I told the kid that I wasn't interested, he persisted to tell me how much money I could save - I persisted to say I wasn't interested and went to shut the door - he pushed it open and told me he was just trying to do his job... LOL! A few minutes later he and his partner walked down my street screaming they were only trying to do their job - and told me I was a loser (because at 7PM in the evening I happened to be home - must be I don't work). She then again told me I was a [censored](* loser because I was home must be I was on welfare and that is why I didn't need there service. I told her I called the police and they are aware of what they were doing - she then asked me repeatedly (SCREAMING) who the [censored](&^ officer was - she wanted his F()*&^% name! As she left my neighborhood she kept calling me &^**() loser ! What a way to attract business... Not that I would want them anyway!

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  • Ro
      31st of Jul, 2012

    I've had the sam experience as the previous complaint, in the fall of 2011 Just Energy called and asked me to renew my contract before January 2012 or it would be cancelled. I told the representative that I did not wish to renew my contract and would be quite happy with the much lower rate of natural gas rate from Union Gas. He contiued to try and persuade me to change my mind, but I said no thank you. He asked it he could send me a brocure on Just Enegy's rate agreement and said I said whatever but I AM NOT
    RENEWING THIS CONTRACT!!! Upon several return messages from this persistant and noticabley frustrated representative asking me to renew with them, which I continued to refuse, they started showing up at my front door. First was a pretty young girl with an Ipad who was very friendly and my wife said if I wasn't at home she would have signed up with her, asked me to come to the door to speak with her, , as she showed me how much I'd be saving, I said your offering me 25 cents a cubic meter from which I was being gouged by Just Energy paying 40 cents, I said no thanks I'll gladly pay 8.5 cents from Union Gas without a contract. Sorry for rambling on so much, but it's very frustrating. Then to top it off after working nights I heard the door bell ring, my nineteen year old son answered the door and said my dad is sleeping, just as I poked my head aroud the corner from the upstairs hallway he says Oh I think I see someone upstairs... I LOSE IT, I came down stairs being woken up by this ###, I laid into him saying do you people not know the meaning of the word NO!!! I said you tell Pierre and who ever the hell else you report to that I don't want to see your face here again or hear from you on the phone either. Now it's the end of July 2012, partially my own fault for not checking my bills closer I noticed that Just Energy is still my gas provider and charging me 25 cents a cubic meter plus a 20 cent addministration fee per month. I called them and blasted them to get me off this damn contract immediately and will file a complaint with the Ontario Energy Board. These people are nothing but crooks, stay away from Just Energy for your own good.

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