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OK...I am the LAST one that falls in behind the masses to rip some poor business guy or Company in an online forum, especiaally when the posts tend to be on the somewhat hysterical side...BUT! I needed simple pads replacement recently...2003 Isuzu Rodeo LX, Super well maintained. I am a car guy, have done my brakes since I was 15, all makes and Models (MB/BMW, Porsche, My Vettes, all of them...) I am deploying in a few days, and I just didnt feel like getting skeeter bit or busting knuckles last week, so I roll into Just Brakes here in S. Pasadena outside St Pete Beach (FLA) area:. Nice enough guy greets me, writes me up!. After having read all of these posts here, I asked the guy (nicely) "Hey, you guys have kind of a rotten online rep, lets just stick to the basics, swap the pads, and I'll be on my way"!. He looks at me a bit askew, and has me sign the service order where I wrote in VERY large letters "99..99$ MAX charge for brake service" as per their much advertised special, . Well, I watched as the Wheels and brakes came off?. Then suddenly there was much furious flapping of parts catalog pages as the service guy starts looking up part numbers and entering them into his PC?. He comes over to me (an hour later) with a grim look on his face, holding an ESTIMATE of 600+ dollars in relairs! And so it begins..."Sir, we found that one rear disc was .000015th's out of round, and the front Pads were glazed (Typical for FLorida hot, stop and go traffic here in ST Pete) so he starts to tell me that it was because my Brakes are "dragging" (Not properly releasing/i.e; Calipers are shot, etc, etc, ad nauseum). I looked him straight in the eye and said "Do you remember when I asked you politely that there be NO Shenannigans today? Do you remember that? I followed up with "I have changed my Brakes and their pads since I was 15, he Calipers work flawlessly, there is NO dragging, NO squealing, NO loss of fluid (Sign of a truly bad seal or Caliper), and to tell you the truth, the Pads, although "Glazed" will last EASILY another year or so! So whats it gonna be? The 99$ special, or do I have to raise my voice a bit"? He grinned, saw that I wasn't going to fall for it, and he tells the guys in the Garage "Button it up, were done with him...". I saw what was happening, so I asked him one last time "Sir, I asked you nicely, PLEASE, just replace the pads, and rotate my Tires...please? I'll gladly pay the 99$ AND I'll tip your Crew". He wasn't having it! So...Moral of the story? There is NO 99$ brake special. Plain and simple. In the blink of an eye, the guy presented me with a horror bill for 600+ dollars in "Dangerously defective brake parts that need to be repaired/replaced".Once you roll in, its as if they are reading the lines of a play..."Brake system shot, yadda, yadda, heres the bill, 600-1200$. Its all a scam, plain and simple. That the Justice Department hasnt crawled up their Butt yet surprises me greatly. Then again, maybe they are going after all those Wall Street Banker types that ruined our economical system? Yeah right...I'm headed back to Afghanistan to serve this great Nation...AGAIN...God bless America and free enterprise!

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  • Da
      Oct 13, 2011

    Be safe over there. I took a perfectly good old Cadillac in just to have some brakes inspected. They wanted to charge me some $1300.00. Told them no way. Put the car back together and let me get out. Took it down the street to Pep Boys - They couldn't find anything wrong with the brakes. Total cost: $0.00 dollars!

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  • Da
      Nov 23, 2011

    Wow this sounds exactly like what i was told a couple of days ago!! I listened very intently and asked a few questions like I was really moved by what he was saying then I said...'put my tires back on and I'll take it to my regular mechanic'. As I drove away I noticed my brakes were not squeaking anymore!! Thanks Just Brakes!! CROOKS

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  • Ju
      Aug 29, 2014

    Thank you for the feedback. We apologize for the delay in responding to your concern. Just Brakes was not made aware of this website until just now. We are also under new management. At Just Brakes we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and appreciate feedback that will help us achieve that goal. We are sorry to hear that you were not satisfied and would like to hear more from you. Please contact our corporate office
    at [protected] to be connected with the local Market Director. We look forward to serving you.

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