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Jif Peanut Butter / Insect Body Parts in the Jars (2)

1 Chicago area, IL, United States Review updated:

This morning I found an insect wing in the jar of peanut butter that I was feeding my children. A few weeks ago, I found what seemed to be part of a worm torso in another jar. I understand that there is a certain standard that peanut butter companies have to follow regarding insects in food manufacturing and J.M. Smucker doesn't seem to meet this standard. I am going to buy Skippy from now on no matter the cost. If you compare the two, Skippy seems to be much "cleaner" than Jif and, so far, haven't found any body parts in it as yet. FOOD CONSUMER BEWARE and if you have a jar now, make sure you spread the peanut butter really thin so you can see the parts if there are any!

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  • Ho
      13th of Nov, 2009
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    We have always bought Skippy but this time decided to give Jif a try. I was making a sandwich this morning for my daughter's lunch and found a reddish worm or earwig type thing mid way through the jar. Needless to say, we're going back to Skippy!

  • Li
      7th of Dec, 2009
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    Over 20 years ago, I was eating a peanut butter sandwich (made with Jif) and found a white maggot-like worm when I was about to take a bite. Needless to say, I stopped eating peanut butter for over 20 years after that discovery. However, I recently began to eat Jif again, only to find another similar maggot-like worm in my jar today. UG! I am horrified and now remember why I stopped eating Jif in the first place! I wondered if I was the only one...

  • Re
      24th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Thats odd, because I also found a white redish worm in my jif peanut butter so i googled it and this is page came up. Ill attach a pic. Ill also call Jif tomorrow. thats pretty disgusting.

  • Sa
      30th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    I knew you could get meal worms in flour but peanut butter?! I found three whole meal worms in a jar of Jif last night. Disgusting.
    Worse, I had eaten spoonfuls of the peanut butter late last night - no idea how many worms I ate. This was the newer (more expensive)
    Omega-3 line and I had stored it in the fridge. I have never seen this in any other peanut butter. I am never buying Jif again. Smucker's
    strawberry preserves is my favorite but, I'll be looking closer at ALL their products now.

  • Ap
      31st of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    I also found little white worms in my Jif Creamy Peanut Butter. I make peanut butter & jelly for my kids & one night, when I opened up the jar to get the peanut butter out, I saw 2 or 3 little white worms in my peanut butter. It grossed me out a lot, so I threw away the peanut butter. I recently bought another one, yet to find another worm in there, too. I am not going to buy Jif ever again. Jif needs to do another recall for their peanut butter. I was afraid that I was being a nasty person & not doing my job around the house, but come to find out, it wasn't me. It is Jif & their company & the peanut butter. Please, please let others know this, so Jif company will go out of business & not sale their nasty peanut butter ever again. Thank you!

  • Mi
      11th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    I recently opened a bran new jar of skippy creamy my 4 year old had a few sandwich's out of the jar as he was eating one the other night he went into hysterics something in my sand which pulling what looks like some sort of tapeworm from his mouth it has a cylinder cone shape head and a long thick curved tale around 2 inches long in total disgust i called poison control who referred me to our pediatrician currently waiting for lab results to come back also had to take 3 fecie samples my son who used to want a plain peanut butter sand which for every meal is now traumatized the word peanut butter puts him in hysterics screaming worms worms ... when i contacted skippy the 1st rep said their is absolutely no exception for anything to be in our peanut butter and sent a report to corporate when they contacted me all they wanted was the thing that looks like a worm and the jar of peanut butter back trying to bribe me with free product & coupons unbelievable really after this experience i told her we will never purchase skippy again & now after reading the other posts i wont be purchasing jif either looks like ill be spending the extra money for Adam's... I am curious if anyone else has had a similar problem with skippy.

  • Ra
      24th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    Have always LOVED jiff until I ate what I pray to god was a large bug or worm but I fear it was too meaty for that, been working in food manufacturing 35 years so I know they have a serious quality control issue and a poor production process, PlEASE do not eat this product...

  • Fe
      6th of Dec, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Recently opened a jar of the natural creamy Jif- it was full of black worms or maggots of some sort! So gross! The jar was barely a few days old. Never eating this brand again.

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