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No clue, United States
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Ok wrong address, emailed to rectify, they said too bad it already shipped. Really in 3 hours? The website says they are made after order is placed. Then they send a tracking number. My order was never shipped as usps cannot trace it. Keep being told to wait wait wait. Then they told me if I pay half price they will re ship. Extortion. What you're holding my order hostage? Hasn't moved in 2 weeks. Their phone number is bogus, I have received 9 emails that all say the same thing - copy and paste much? Chat people are completely useless responding in scripted sentences. If someone asks for my order number 1 more time i'm going to scream. Why bother? You don't give a flying fig about me or my order. However all of these people are like "got mine in 3 days" really jeulia? Plant people to give you reviews? I figure they can please a few to screw over the masses. What a scam. I wonder how much money they have stolen over this christmas season.In short fraud, liars, thieves, extortionists. Enough said

Dec 30, 2016

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