Jetstar Airwaysincorrect booking change

I made a booking for a member of a Youth Group to attend a Christchurch Camp. The flight was Wellington to Christchurch 6/7/2018/ 8.20am, Returning Christchurch to Wellington 9/7/2018/ 7.00am. (Booking ref NC8IHV/Name Aaiti Maiava
Unfortunately Aaiti had also made a booking without telling me. Her booked times were -
6/7/2018 8.20am Wellington to Christchurch/ returning on 8/7/2018 at 4.50pm.
On Monday July 2nd, in the evening, I changed the name of the ticket I'd booked for her, to RoseMarie Taulalo who also wanted to go. Both the girls were gathered in the same room on the phone and we could do the necessary change.
The cost for the change, was $184 which was paid by my Credit Card. That left Aaiti travelling on her original ticket (Frid.6th July 8.20 and returning Sund.8th at 4.50pm), and the new girl RoseMarie going on the ticket I'd purchased,
Frid. 6th July 8.20 and returning Mond. 9th July 7.00am.
When we tried to check- in using the self-check machine, it wouldn't go through so we went to a counter and gave the new booking reference I'd been given over the phone, and I didn't think any more about it. But when Aaiti was at Christchurch airport trying to return, she found her booking was now in RoseMarie's name.
I spoke to the counter person and gave the new booking reference again, but she said she did not have the authority to change anything and that I would have to ring the Jetstar number to explain. We were all getting stressed and there was obviously not enough time to explain again, because the original change had taken over 1hour to do. Aaiti solved it all by saying she would return to her accommodation, stay overnight and fly back in the morning at the new time she had been given, and RoseMarie would have to leave on the Sunday at 4.50 which was not what had been originally booked! It was a mess of a booking, in- correctly made and was worse because there was very little paperwork supplied by email.
Maria Hammond ([protected]

Jul 08, 2018

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