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Last month I contacted Jessica London's customer service help line to discuss a return. I needed to return a pair of slacks and do an even exchange for a blazer, I wanted it in a different color. I was told to mail both items back to Jessica London with a note explaining the even exchange for the blazer. I was also told that I would be able to get the blazer at the same price that I originally paid ($35.99).

Today I received an email telling me that my blazer was on back order. I noticed that I was billed $54.99. I immediately called customer service. I was told that because the coupon I'd used had expired, I would be charged the original price for my blazer, despite the fact that I'd been told I would get the blazer for the identical sale price ($35.99). The customer service rep said that I was welcome to visit the website to see if there were any available coupons that I could use at this point.

I am disappointed in how this matter has been handled on two fronts:

1. I do not appreciate receiving erroneous information. Certainly, if I had been told about your inane even exchange policy, I would simply have kept my original blazer.
2. I do not appreciate having to take the additional step of searching the website for coupons. If I can use a current coupon on basically the same item, why won't you simply honor the previous coupon?

I always felt very comfortable shopping with Jessica London because I thought that the return process was very simple, easy, and quick. I felt free to shop on-line, knowing that if something didn't fit or wasn't quite right, I wouldn't have any hassles with the return or exchange. Given my most recent experience, my opinion has certainly changed. I will continue to purchase from Jessica London, but the extent of my shopping will be extremely limited.

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  • Bu
      Mar 28, 2011

    I had two similar experiences and will no longer shop with Jessica London.

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  • Is
      Apr 12, 2011

    I called [protected] and asked for a manager; after being sent to a installation specialist twice and hung up on because she refused to answer my question and after having to deal with a very nasty tone from her {Abigail}, I hung up again. I order a leather jacket, shoes and two pr of leggings. One pair never made it and it was a month and 3 phone calls later that I hear, well Ma'am we sent you a postcard. Now I'm offended because I spend my money with you via internet and and you refuse to help me when I spend my money!! The customer service stinks and something needs to be done about it. Help someone!! [protected]

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  • 1s
      Sep 25, 2014

    1st time buyer with Jessica London and definitely my last! I placed an order which totaled $102.67 and when items were returned I was given a refund of $81.and change. I knew in advance that it would cost me $7.50 to return the items that did not fit. When I inquired through customer service where the rest of my refund was I was told that I was charged $13.79 for the original shipping. I paid $20.00 in shipping charges for clothes that didn't fit. NEVER AGAIN! This is truly taking advantage of the consumer.

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  • Ni
      Jan 26, 2015

    Horrible experience. I got my mom a robe for Christmas and still haven't received it... It's almost February. I got a post card in the mail stating they had cancelled my order and if I still wanted it, I'd have to call and it wouldn't be shipped out for one more month. What?! I called and the not so very nice phone rep told me it is supposed to be sent out tomorrow.. Now I'm very confused. I asked why would they send me the postcard in the first place and he stated "it's a preventative measure we do" NEVER EVER again.

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  • Ka
      Jun 28, 2015

    So angry I coluld burst. Bought 3 pairs of skorts on the internet and got them delivered, discovered that they where 3" bigger at waist than their own size chart says and there where no additional info in the product description that said anything about different measurements. As a international customer I have to pay for the return freight and I won't get original freightcost or taxes refunded either. What the ****?? This is the responsability this company takes for their own lack of quality and productdescription, I as a customer am to blame for beeing stupid enough for shopping. In Sweden no company would be able to behave this way, there would be a criminal charge for tax fraud since taxes NEVER can be a company assett since the company is an agent for the government regarding taxes.
    Shame on JessicaLondon for this rothen way to treat customers! No serious company lets their customer take charges for the companys fault!


    Katrin Eriksson

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  • Jm
      Apr 06, 2019

    I purchased 2 skirts from Jessica London. Both were of mediocre quality and too big. I returned both using their label. Over two weeks later I received the skirts back with a note saying they were "old, worn or damaged. Neither were worn and were put back into the original packaging. They said I was too late returning them even though I returned both within 2 months or 60 days of receiving them. Then I checked their policy and discovered the 60 days includes the week and a half transit time from when they shipped them to me until I received them.
    Considering the quality of Jessica London clothes has gone way down based on having ordered from them years ago and their returns policy I won't be ordering from them again. Also, their prices are no better than good quality clothes you can purchase on many other online stores with much better return policies. I guess this is how they sell their merchandise.
    So disappointed.

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  • Je
      Jun 20, 2019
    Jessica London - Shipping
    United States

    Placed an order, received an email confirmation of shipping, didn't receive the order so I contacted them, turns out it NEVER shipped and they have held my money for 19 days now! And got my troubles they offered a mere free shipping code IF I spend an additional $25! Why would I trial shopping with them again???

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