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This past weekend I received in the mail a package with not much information on the outside. The card board package contained a book. One of the first things I noticed was a envelope inside that read invoice. I thought this was a Christmas gift I had ordered for my wife.

Now the really strange thing about this is I`ve never heard of this web site never have visited it until the day I got their contact information. I don`t no how they got my name address or anything
I never would order a product this way, in the first place I always pay for what I order first.

I did a search for complaints on line and found some where the person had ordered books from this web site, 2 years before. but just received a unauthorized order from them with a invoice just like I had, the book is way over priced at $37.50.

This other man had tried to contact them and never got a reply, and only has received past due bills from them. Now this is wrong, I would have sent the book back why mess up your credit rating for something you didn't ask for. Why should I have to pay for something I didn't order was his excuse, or pay for postage, I agree with him on that point

What if you need to apply for a loan, you may not get it or the interest rate may be higher. because of this unauthorized order. I have written them a email and have given them 5 business to reply. Told them if I don`t hear from them I`m going to file a complaint with my states attorney generals office.

I wonder how many times they have sent book out like this then the person just pays the bill after getting a few threating letters from this company. Now when they pay that get put them in the loop and they will start getting more books in the mail.

This is nothing more then a scam to get money out of you.

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  • Ma
      Jun 23, 2012

    A year ago I bought one (1) book from Jerry Baker and discovered they accepted this as an enrollment in a book-a-month subscription. After great effort I was able to contact a customer service rep who assured me that my account would be closed.

    Now a year latter I find the subscription has restarted and I am receiving individual OPT-OUT postcards, which if I do not return will result in a book being shipped.

    I have logged a complain with the Michigan BBB.

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  • Ja
      Feb 18, 2014

    I just received a book from Jerry Baker that I DID NOT ORDER OR WANT. The statement inside said that I was sent the book because I didn't return a card I was sent in the mail saying I did not want the book. What!? Since when do I have to plow through "JUNK MAIL" to see if I need to return a card so I WILL NOT be sent merchandise? That is exactly what they count on, and should definitely be ILLEGAL, In fact I think it is.

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  • Pe
      Aug 27, 2015
    Best Best Advice

    My 87 year old mother just received a notice that they are sending her to collections for a past due. She has never EVER ordered anything online EVER!!! She doesn't have a computer. This is such a scam to scare the elderly into paying something they do not owe. This will be reported to the BBB.

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  • Fa
      Feb 11, 2016

    I just received a $37.50 book that I did not order - was from Fulfillment Center so opened it to see who it was from - Jerry Baker!! I retaped it & put in mail! Got it back with $3.22 postage due!! What a scam! Will never use Jerry Baker books!!

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  • Ma
      Mar 08, 2016

    I have a client that went ahead and paid them to get them off her back. This is an awful way to do business! Dirty...

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  • He
      Apr 28, 2016

    Got a card from them (Jerry Baker, Wixom Michigan) in late December 2015 stating that a gardening book which I never requested would be coming in several weeks. If I wanted to opt out, I had to send the card back PAYING THE POSTAGE MYSELF! So I just tore the card up. The book arrived late March or so. I didn't even open it---I refused it at the post office, never accepted it. Now I just received a "second invoice" from them asking me to pay their bill for the book which I never requested and did not even open. How stupid and criminial that is!

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  • Wi
      Jun 20, 2016

    They are still at it: they must have mailed a book to a friend who has been legally blind for several years and are threatening legal action while continuing to send very small print post cards stting they are sending a free book but are actually stating that if one does not refuse the shipment a $32 book will be sent. Complete scam. No way she could have read the post card and since other people pick up the mail who knows if a book ever arrived. Everyone should send books back to them COD or something that would put burden back on them. Very hard on elderly widow with limited income who cannot even read to receive these threats and unwanted mailing (assuming they even sent a book.) Should have some consumer action taken against them

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  • Nr
      Jul 13, 2017

    I am still receiving books and bills which now say I have been sent to the "bad credit division" even though I have canceled twice in writing and have sent each book (which comes in an unmarked box so you have to open it). Going on for over a year.

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  • He
      Jul 15, 2017

    @NRann File a complaint on them through better business bureau. At
    Select "Submit a Complaint." Fill in all the information completely and honestly in the bbb form(s). This has gotten them off of a lot of people's backs and stopped their harassment. Guess they're trying to keep their totally undeserved A+ rating. Wish all their victims knew about this!

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  • Sh
      Dec 26, 2017

    I just recieved a book called Top 25 Homemade Healers for $35.96 plus $7.98 shipping at a cost of $43.94. I did not order the book and do not want it. I have ordered from them a couple of years ago but nothing recent. I will be returning the book and hate when I get something I didn't order with a bill.

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  • He
      Dec 27, 2017

    @Sharon Rice-Rowland Sharon, Good luck! Send the book back with some kind of delivery confirmation or else they will claim they never received it. They will probably keep sending you a bill over and over again anyway for the book whether you send it back or not. If you never requested it you legally don't owe anything for it, but they don't care about doing business legally anyway. If they start billing you you may want to follow my advice above about going through the bbb and having your account closed completely. It seems like that's the only way to get them off your back other than paying them their extortion fee. I can't believe they are still in business and operating in this totally illegal way. They've been doing it for YEARS!! Basically it's organized crime disguised as a simple book company. They especially prey on seniors, which is totally scummy.

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  • Do
      Oct 14, 2018

    To Whom it may concern,

    I am, Doris Cintron, Which lives at 72 - 17th Street., #603 San Diego, CA 92101
    I was a Nurse, And I do, Enjoyed the First Book, Purchased and Paid for on March 15, 2018, Thursday at 3 P.M.
    Having thought, That I had not Paid, I'd Paid (Twice), This wasn't Accounted for Nor-did I received an "Over-Payment"!

    2). My Account Number is #:[protected], The Above, Order No: #: [protected]. $ 34.95 Plus Shipping and Handling.

    3). Present, Problem, On October 01, 2018 Monday : I'd Paid for the" Second-Book" I'd Ordered in the Amount of $40.95 Cent, I'd sent A Money-Order of $40.00 Plus "On Real Dollar" for the 95-cent, I'm not Complaining about the Change, Which is "Five-Cent", I'm Complaining that, Now, I keep, "Receiving more Billing on the Book: Titled: "Solve it with Vinegar!", I have already-Paid, Why are they maintaining, Sending Bill, When already Paid for! I'm not saying, You could send the (five-cent) to be included in the Over-Payment I was supposed to have already Received! Please, Check into the Situation and make the Proper-Adjustments!

    Thank you,
    Doris Cintron

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  • Do
      Oct 14, 2018

    @Doris Cintron P.S. The Number of the Money Order for October 01, 2018 Monday: [protected] From "USA Checks Cashed.

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  • Em
      Sep 16, 2019

    My parents have been clinically diagnosed with dementia by 2 physicians for 2 years. I was granted P.O.A. and guardianship February 14, 2019. My father passed away March 16, 2019. I have sent information in the mail and on the phone to support my claims.
    Still this company claims that my deceased father owes $42.82 and we never found the Books that were supposed to be ordered and mailed to my father.
    Now My deceased father is being threatened final delinquent and will be handled by some bill collector company.
    I guess that since Jimmy Baker is deceased that gives this company the will to charge deceased people with mental illness.

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  • St
      Sep 24, 2019

    Buyer beware!

    It appears that when you select a book that would benefit you, you get redirected to a lesser selling title unknowingly until you receive the delivered purchase! When You call to explain the mishaps, it becomes your fault and problem...ok, they win! no more orders for them...

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