Jenkins Restorations / incomplete job, terrible work after tear out

This company has still not finished it's work...and wants me to sign over checks from my insurance company. It's been a year our kitchen, laundry room and parts of our basement were flooded. They didn't finish the laundry room, it took 3 times to even get close to finishing our hardwood floor properly...and that was a huge fight! Hardwood floor: 1-wrong finish and lower quality wood than originally used, 2-worm holes all over, 3-finally got a knowledgeable guy! Scratched my tile In the laundry room. Didn't listen to me as far as what time would work for getting this done. They wanted us our of the house every time they redid the floors for 3 days. Try finding a place for 2 great danes, 3 times! We never interferred with their work. We stayed off of the floor everytime for as long as recommended and then some. They did get good with there tear out stuff, but used many poor quality contractors after. Wouldn't recommend them, I have seen a whole house redone from flooding in the time it took them to just get a few areas done correctly.

Nov 26, 2017

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