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JC Whitney / Shipped Item and Charged CC without any permission

1 United States

I ordered a trailer hitch and returned it for a refund because it was damaged. I was getting the money back for this hitch included shipping charges ($145.99). Two weeks later I received another one I had not ordered and they charged me more ($149.98) then the first time from my CC without any permission. I was then returning the hitch unopened and was only getting $116.80 back. I was then contacting the live support. I could not believe what a incompetent person I had on the other site. I will never do business with them again, because there are lot more outside which have better prices and to care more about their costumer:

Chat InformationA JC Whitney Service Representative will be with you in just a moment. Please wait.
Chat InformationYou are now chatting with Service Representative 'Support'
Chat InformationYour Issue ID for this chat is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Support: Thank you for contacting JC Whitney's Customer Service.
Support: How may I help you?
Me: Hello, I was returning a trailer hitch for the Order Number [protected] for a refund and did only get $116.80. I still miss $33.18
Support: One moment please.
Support: The cost of the item was 116.80.
Me: OK. Then I still miss the $33.18 shipping.
Support: I will be right with you.
Me: k
Support: Did you return the Hitch Ball and the Connector?
Me: no. You were sending me the second hitch without any order from me
Me: I retunred it unopened
Support: Both Hitches have been refunded. The amount left on the the account is for the Hitch Ball, the Connector and the shipping charge.
Me: I do not know what you sent me the second time, what was in there, because I did not open it. You charged from my CC on 01/13/2009 $149.98 but only refund $116.80
Me: So the $33.18 must be the shipping charges.
Me: with the hitch ball and connetor it would be more then $149.98
Support: So you still have the Hitch Ball and Connector? If so, I will refund the shipping charge however it would be 26.98.
Me: You charged $149.98 without any permission and now you only refund less?
Me: Yes I still have the Hitch Ball and Connector because IT WAS ON MY FIRST ORDER!
Me: It seems you do not know what the Hitch Ball and Connector costs. It is more then $8
Support: The Hitch Ball is 8.00 and the Connector is 38.25. The shipping charge is 26.98 for a total of 73.23. That is the balance due. I will refund the 26.98 shipping charge.
Me: No no no, you charged $149.98 without any permission from my CC and without any order. I want my whole money back. If you could count, 116.80 + 26.98 + 38.25 is not 149.98. Please let me talk to your supervisor.
Support: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
Support: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
Support: If I refund all of the shipping charges on this order you will only be left with paying for the Hitch Ball and the Connector.
Support: I will apply the refund at this time for all but the two items.
Me: HELLOOOOOOO, didnt you get it??? The Hitch Ball and the Connector was on my first order which was coming with the first hitch I ORDERED. The second hitch came without Hitch Ball and the Connector and without any order from me!!!
Me: Please just refund the $33.18 and everything is fine exept I will not do business with you further. If I would do this in my business I would not have any costumer any more.
Support: I understand that. I will refund all money except for the charges for those two items.
Me: what money do we talk about
Support: All charges except for 46.25
Me: What? I just want the $33.18. nothing more
Support: Okay, I will refund the amount to your account today.
Support: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: no, really not. thank you

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