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JB HUNT / Hiring, in orentation they send home

1 Lowell, AR, United States Review updated:

I was called by a recruiter and driving for jb hunt. I asked about my dac report and employment, They said everything looked good and thier shouldn't be a problem. So they put me on a bus to Newark, New jersey. I get there to find out the cab phone number wasn't right. I paid 80 dollars to go 20 miles to the hotel.
I check in and go to orentaion the next day. all is good i pass all the task given to me and on day 2 they say i have 2 months of unverified employment and thier not going to hire me. Well i was there for a job because i was laid off from my last company, and the ression kept me out of work for 5 months. So i have to take a bus all the way back home. Is what they are doing legal?

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  • Dc
      20th of Jun, 2010
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    It is a requirment per the DOT regulations that you must account for 10 years of employment history which would include all time unemployed. One can still verify there unemployment time to cover the gaps as in your situation. It is exceptable by the DOT for you to write a written statment of facts stating that you were unemployed from x date to x date. You can further to have 2 witnesses write a written statements of witness to your situation. Most carriers ask for 2 persons who can verify your gaps in employment, they generally want there addresses and telephone numbers as well. A gap in employment is generally explained as anything over 30 consecutive days.
    The next quistion is did the carrier pay for your return bus trip home and reemburse you for your bus ticket? If not check with your local labor board for the rules on this subject. Most states, but not all require a prospective employer to pay for your transportation to and from and resonable expenses incurred, i.e. your taxi. and your time in orientation. Alot of carrires try to pass this expense off to the driver that they in the end do not hire. Unless you file complaint for your rights, carriers go on there merry way with you money in tow.
    Good Luck to you

  • Cs
      22nd of Jun, 2010
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    I had the same thing happen to me several years back. One of the company's I worked for had gone out of business and since they couldn't verify anything the wouldn't hire me. I wouldn't refer anyone to JB Hunt for a job

  • Br
      2nd of Nov, 2015
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    A typical day at J.B. Hunt:
    You start your day, let’s say 0700.

    Dispatch assigns you a tractor after waiting around for no less than 30 minutes.
    So scout around the yard for a few minutes you finally locate the tractor, perform an inspection, load up the tractor with all the necessary tools for the day….you are now ready to depart to the rail….but wait!
    You just performed that particular task for FREE

    It’s now 0835:

    Bob tail out the gate, sit in traffic mostly all the way to the Los Angeles BNSF rail.

    Hold on…this function is done for FREE as well….

    It’s after 0900

    Wait in line to get into the rail yard, takes a few minutes. Enter your code numbers for the gate to lift and let you in and instruct the driver on where to find the loaded container.

    Found the loaded container after a few minutes more, hook to it, inspect it for damages and safety, you are now ready to haul it to the customer….in this case from Los Angeles, California, to Ontario, California…about 40 miles in traffic…

    Hold on a sec….this is also done FREE OF CHARGE…the driver is still not getting paid for anything…..not yet….

    You finally arrive at the customer. The Driver drops the loaded container, hooks and inspects another container, whether it be loaded or empty..
    Complete inputting your time, PO numbers, load numbers etc, etc. on to the “Activity Sheet”… making sure you input the amount of pay you are awarded by J.B. Hunt….”CHA-CHING!”


    It is now 10:30 am

    The driver has worked 3.5 hours….. For twenty-six dollars and twenty-five cents….

    Let’s do the math, shall we?

    $26.25 divided by 3.5 hours = $ 7.50.…

    J.B. Hunt has just gotten away with paying you “under” the minimum wage requirements.

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