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On July 7/16 @ 6pm I went to Janet and Jane's Salon & Spa in Sylvan Lake,
I was excited to be having a perm done on my hair as I work early hours and a wash & go would make life much easier ! I told the stylist that I wasn't wanting my hair super curly but obviously when a person gets a perm they expect to have some curl. When she finished with my hair 2 hrs later I was shocked, the bangs were completely straight and she had put styling product in it which gave it some body, I paid $170 plus $10/tip and went home tired and feeling discouraged ( been up since 4am & worked a 10hr day ) I had hopes that it would look better in the morning !
Next morning I only wet it down it was terrible, over processed and straight in numerous area's.
I went back to the salon and the girl's at the front desk agreed that the perm didn't take and it was straight... Then the owner's ( Janet and Mona ) started in on me, they said that my hair looked fine, they said that I must have washed it, They also said it was problem straight because I slept on it. Mona said that I told the stylist that I didn't want curl... ***Why would I get a perm...loose curls would have been nice. They both made me wait around for about an hour while they left me waiting and discussed how to deal with the situation in their office. All I wanted was a refund and all they did was argue with me.
I left frustrated and belittled and went to another Salon where the Stylist told me that my hair had been over processed and it looked like a permanent that had grown out and I ended up having to get several inches cut off ! I have had perms in the past and no problems until now ! My hair is a mess still and when I try to leave a review they delete it !
That's so rude how I was treated and now I have this damaged hair to deal with every morning and not even a I'm sorry let alone being refunded, So if you are ever not satisfied with the service there, realize that the owners will not refund, only argue that somehow it's your fault that you're not satisfied.

Jul 24, 2016

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