Jagex Ltd/runescape / Unjustified banning of dooodlebrain account

St. John's Innovation Centre, Cambridge, England, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
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We made an account back in July of 2008 to play online. On September 21, 2011 they banned the account. They stated it was Maroing, using a third party software. I asked for proof and they could not give any. It's a disgrace that they can get away with banning an acount that I worked so hard on for 3.5 years. They need to show any proof if they have, which we know there is none. I'm asking for justice and the clearing of my name. They are very disrespectful people and they need to be monitored for their ethics.
To deliberately ban a free players account for doing absolutely nothing wrong is absurd. Then asking for their so called evidence and they won't even produce it. Companies like them need to answer to their crimes

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