JAFCO Companyconfusing

JAFCO Company is a crypto venture firm based in Tokyo, Japan.
I spent some time trying to understand how it works, what it offers, what it consists of and so on.
Well, good news. This company is not a total scam, at least they made attempts not to look like it. However, they have to hire English-speaking web designers and correct some spelling mistakes. It's strange that no one had checked it before launching the website or when adding new team members (yes, it's on the team page).
Plus, the website is a little confusing. All of the information is like going round and round, I think the website is a little overwhelmed by it.
Of course, it doesn't matter how wonderful a company is because investments are always related to risks and investors aren't immune from losing their money.
So be always careful and trust yourself only.

Dec 11, 2018

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