Ja Alternativeshair replacement system

For the past 25 years I have dealt with alopecia. We have moved across the country many times and I have had hair replacement units made from many companies, including JA Alternatives. Between 2003 to around 2008 they made me a couple of units. They did an excellent job with making my form and the pieces that they made for me were excellent. We are now back in this area and I again ordered a unit from JA Alternatives. I am very disappointed. The fit is very loose and the unit is extremely itchy. I'm not sure what happened. I even got a bad skin reaction from wearing the unit.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Marlton, NJ Every time I get my skin calmed down and looking good I try to wear the unit again and as soon as I put it on my skin is screaming! I have questioned JA regarding the possibility that inferior hair was used. They don't feel that was possible. The netting that was used as the base is very itchy and the knots from the hair just poke through onto my scalp.
I have reached out to them and I am hoping this can be resolved. I am wearing an old unit from a vendor in Texas. I need to reorder something soon as this piece is starting to look sad. I am hoping for a refund because I can't afford to have this itchy thing sit in my closet at a $2, 000 loss.
It's very disappointing that it is unwearable.

Dec 03, 2018

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