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iYogi / Technical Support

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Iyogi, the Indian based, "computer support" service is a scandalous outfit. I do have to give them credit for their salesmanship and superb skill at telling lies in the most convincing manner. When the service was sold to me for $169 for a year I was promised that my computer problems would now all be taken care of for this low price. I bought into it after having spent night after night trying to solve various problems on my laptop that I use for work. I enjoy troubleshooting computer software but it has been too time consuming and thought of having "expxerts" do all the dirty work for me sounded like a dream come true. The sales job was exquisitely orchestrated and the technician who sold it to me sounded like he knew all kinds of things that I was unaware of, e.g. I should not have had more than one backup program on my computer and that duplicate programs for backup by 3rd parties will cause corruption. The message was also that the kind of problems I was having, windows backup not working, were too complicated for me to be working on and that I should be turning this over to their professionals who would take care of everything for me. I should call if I wanted to install a new program or if I wanted to correctly uninstall a program. I should not use any 3rd party software. I did notice that he avoided giving me specific answers to most of my questions, e.g. how large an external drive I should have for backups. He had his agenda to sell me on how foolishly I had set up my computer and that I should give up doing any of this for myself. I made it very, very clear that I was calling to get help with a backup up problem with the Volume Shadow Copy service and he assured me they would take care of that, "not to worry" and he even wished me good Karma at the end of the call. He and other technicians use a technique of sounding very caring, reassuring, kind, and infinitely patient. He first tried to sell me 2 years of service at a better yearly rate that the one year cost, which he initially did not even mention as a possibility. It all sounded so good. He also told me there was no way that Caper 6.0, one of my backup programs, could copy my hard disc to an external hard discand then tranfser a working operating system back to my internal hard drive. I felt I a fool for believing Casper's claims in PC World and started to think I was being misled by that magazine and stupid to spend money on backups besides the Windows Backup that came with Windows. He asked me how much I paid for each 3rd party software and left me feeling I had wasted a lot of money for programs he said should be all uninstalled because they were just creating problems with my registry. He went through my registry with me and pointed out programs that I did not know were there and that his technicians would "clean up". Despite having a fair amount of computer knowledge he left me feeling like I knew nothing and that everything I had been doing just messed up my computer.

As it turned out when I called for technical service to my computer for my backup problems the next technician gave totally different advice and was going to get my 3rd party backup to work. He took control of my computer and started to do many of the same things I had already tried. There actually was another technician I talked to before him who told me it was impossible to have Microsoft Windows Backup work if any other backups were installed. The current technician said I could get off the phone while he further researched the problem. He was going to call me back when he needed my input. There was no call back and when I checked my computer I was still getting the same error message about VSS not working when I attempted a backup. So

So I called and talked to a 4th technician about the fact that my backup problem had not been fixed by the 3rd technician. This 4th technician's response startled me. "We don't do any troubleshooting on backups".
I couldn't believe that I was getting a totally different answer negating what they had originally promised to do for me. I asked to speak to a supervisor, who like all the others with the company was polite, reassuring and it was extremely hard to nail him down to why I had asked to talk to him. These people are very sociopathic and very bright. He confirmed what his underling had said, "We don't work with backups", but we "have unlimited support" in all other areas... I demanded a refund. He transferred me to Customer Service, once again a very polite Indian woman who cleverly tried to divert me when I told her I had been lied to and started to point out how great a deal I had bought and that they would set up Carbonite for me, completely avoiding my complaint. Eventually she surprisingly said she was putting in a refund for me which I should receive in 2-3 business days. It will shock me if I get the refund. She gave me a confirmation number for the refund which I expect will be bogus.

Another aspect of this is that PC World endorses this service. Their only "Con" in their evaluation was that you need to know enough to be specific in asking for what you want them to do. There was also an article in PC World that was quite positive about them.

Let the buyer beware. My main point is they blatantly lied about what service they would provide and their technicians gave me completely inconsistent information.

Elliott Friedeman

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  • Kb
      23rd of Aug, 2011
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    iyogi is hopwever a great techsupport company its worth the money we spend

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