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iTV News / national news (nov. 12th and 13th.)

1 DARLINGTON, England, Durham, United Kingdom

The recent "exposures" on the 6-30pm. news involving journalist entrapment by secret filming of applications for help in wrestling with Homosexuality issues when contacting Churches.
Firstly it has been a long tradition that UK National News should be even handed and factual and not setting out to change public opinion in so doing.
These exposures are targeting Christian Churches - why not Mosques as well, to be even handed?
It is no coincidence that the decline of the Church is a big factor in the rise of society today where thousands of children do not even know the names of their fathers and the institution of marriage has been sidelined. So the family units today are not only fragile but result in children seeking identity because the home context is not conducive to maintaining the Christian traditions of family life. It is getting steadily worse led by the ideology of Liberal Authoritarians. Many children are self harming as a sign of the stresses they are growing up with.
It is into this scenario that ITV has waded in with its hostility to Christian tenets and sought to undermine further the Judeo-Christian heritage this country has enjoyed for centuries. Your efforts in the News with these "exposures" are contributing to the nations moral chaos and I think you should recognise your responsibility to the public who are your customers after all. The topic of homosexuality requires a balanced and informative approach. Not sensationalised.

Nov 14, 2018

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