ItsWorthMore.comiphone purchase

I bought a phone from this company via ebay, over a week ago and have yet to receive it. I published my review on ebay and they deleted it. I reached out to them multiple of times and no1 has tried to help me. A phone I paid so much money for! Is this how they treat their customers? I feel beyond scammed. I have emailed them and they refused to try and help me to resolve the "missing" item. I have called the company and ebay on their behalf and all I received were attitudes and being disregarded. This is my first purchase from this company, ever, and my first purchase like this from ebay and this was worse than a disappointment. I didnt even know companies were allowed to delete negative reviews on ebay. People should have the right to know what has transpired with their experiences!

Nov 28, 2018

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