Recently booked back in August 2016 for a family vacation for 7 people at an all inclusive near Akumal which was worth several thousand $$. The agent was decent up until she put the vacation through my credit card and that was it. I had to babysit the whole process from getting transfers from the Cancun airport and back to basic documents such as the Hotel Vouchers. Nothing got done unless I called to get it done. Ended up phoning and talking to several different agents to get the paperwork needed. They advertise that all documents will be sent via email 20 days prior to departure, well I even had a sales manger tell me that that's not the case. I have now retired and plan on spending several more thousand $$ on travel an will never ever give a cent to Itravel again. I will be telling my story more than once to all friends and family to ensure they don't wast their hard earned cash on this horrible company/sales team...
Don't waist your time calling them even if it saves you a few dollars. I'd be glad to spend a bit more elsewhere knowing Itravel 2000 did not get any more of my cash!!!

Jan 16, 2017

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