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False advertising of discount package prices on your site ($705 package attached picture). Called in first time was laughed at by an agent saying the price I have would never be that low! Uh, it's on your website, right now! Was told that the price must have just gone up and site didn't update. Actually, I saw it last night, and still today, your site says last update 7:22am. She told me I would have to talk to the provider. I called sunwing, they said they would honor it if it was on their site, but because it is a third party they obviously cannot. Sunwing said when they look back to yesterday's prices, the package was never as low as Itravel was advertising?!? Called back to speak to a Manager, the guy transfered me to the 'online manager' girl that answered was confused said she only deals with packages already booked. Told me she was going to transfer me to MAnager, held 20 minutes, same girl answered saying they looked into it and the 'higher price' is what it is. I told her I didn't even provide her with the vacation travel details? How did she look into it or know what package I was refering to? She said I listened back to the tapes of your call. I said I didn't tell the guy who transferred me either. What a joke. Finally spoke to a Supervisor 'Jenny' who was nothing but helpful, just defensive. Took her 5 minutes to actually click on the link I was referring to verify the advertisement. She was trying to tell me I didn't get the package in time, and it went up. I explained to her that Sunwing said it was never that low, she said, "well obviously as someone representing their airline company they would say whatever they have to in order not to honor a lower price." What did she just say? Clearly this is her customer service perceptive. I have booked many times with Itravel in the past, never again. Staff should be trained to genuinely investigate issues like this and at minimum be provided with an accurate explanation of what happened, maybe meet half way on price? Offer some resolution.

Katharina Walt


Mar 17, 2017

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