Isango!not received refund

I returned from Iceland 3 weeks ago. My trip to the golden circle which I booked for 5 was because of the weather a disaster. High wing torrential rain and poor viasability meant we only stopped and able to get of coach for 20 mins at the first stop. I had my 4 relatives with me 3 of which were over 75 and they could leave the coach or they would have been blown over by the weather. I complained that the trip should have been cancelled due to the weather and the tour guide agreed. Isango were contacted and agreed to refund me in full for the trip this was confirmed by email. I have been trying to get the money back and they have now said because the trip was not cancelled they will not refund me. The manager was dealing with the case as he said he agreed I should be refunded but he will not return my calls and is never available to speak with

I have been caused stressed by the company and they have made promises that have not been carried out. I'm owed £179


Sarah weatherstone

Dec 11, 2018

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