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I believe that iOffer is complicit in the scams that are perpetrated on its site. They facilitate scammers by hiding who they are and where they are from . If someone in China uses a Hotmail account to create their iOffer account they can appear to be domestic. iOffer makes no effort to protect their buyers. Mentioning my scammer by name is useless as he has no doubt already created several new ID's on iOffer.

My seller had a lot of history, but only one feedback. So, iOffer gives him 100% positive rating. I tried to contact other buyers to see if they received their items, but, iOffer makes this difficult if not impossible for the new user. I would love to see an in depth study of their listings; I suspect that the majority are scam listings. iOffer would no doubt claim innocence, however, surely they know the truth and choose to ignore it. In my opinion this makes them just as guily.

Paypal does not help because the do not let you check out a seller until after you send them money. My seller with a domestic name and domain name turned out the in China and "unverified" by Paypal. had I known that I would not have sent the money.

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      Apr 22, 2009

    I have been a victim three times on this site called They are complete fraudsters. I have placed some items for three times now and today the third parcel turned up this morning, but the criminal sent me a dirty chinese clay pot, wrapped in newspaper and carefully packaged with bubble foams.
    The same way was the 2nd item I was expecting to be delivered. Appearantly, this would have been the same criminal using different ID. In the part of ioffer, when you complain about a dubious criminal, the next thing you will know is that your account will be for long placed under review and your account restricted.

    The bottom line is that site- encourage criminals on their site.
    Please stay away from this site completely, they will never get back to you on your complaints, never! phew!!!

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  • i scam on ioffer its fun

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  • DO IT YOUR SEL[censored] THRIIZ!

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