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I spent several hundred dollars on iOffer. After the seller received my payment, they canceled their account and never sent me anything. I filed a complaint on iOffer and PayPal and both have done nothing about this. The one item that did actually arrive 5 months later was falling apart and the cheapest knockoff I have ever seen! BUYERS BEWARE!!! This is a scam and they ask for your name, phone number and address so they can steal your identity!!! Within a month or two, I have had to cancel my credit card and deal with a girl who showed up to rent my house because she sent thousands of dollars to someone using my name and address on craigslist. This is a nightmare!!


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      5th of May, 2012

    Umm...iOffer did not take your money, you sent it to the seller so you pretty much gave your money away. You actually got your item, so technically nobody stole your money.

    Don't blame iOffer for something you did. As an online buyer, it's your job to check the sellers before deciding to buy from them. iOffer, eBay, wherever you buy, they're all the same.

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