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Interstate National Dealer Services / What is going on with this company

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National Dealer Services continues to call my house daily on both my land and fax lines. When I press to be taken off the list, they call the next day. When I press 1 to speak to a representative, the phone hangs up. I have, however, recently spoken with a rep on 2 occasions. They both hung up on me without an apology for the inconvenience or even listening to my complaint. I am on the DO NOT CALL list, but that does not seem to matter to this company. Both reps were extremely rude and showed poor phone/customer svc skills. I am filing a formal complaint with the FCC. BY the way, my warranty is not about to expire. Furthermore, neither is the non-existent warranty of one of my 13 year-old students who is getting repeated calls on her cell phone. What is going on with this company????

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  • Ra
      3rd of Jul, 2008
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    Interstate National Dealer Services does NOT engage in telemarketing. Its direct sales department only contacts consumers who visit their web site and leave their contact information. These calls are being made by a company calling themeselves Dealer Services and we believe they are located in Florida. We are aware of this situation but have been unable to get the company to stop these abhorrent sales practices.

    Randy Downs
    Vice President
    Interstate National Dealer Services, Inc.

  • Md
      3rd of Jul, 2018
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    @Randy Downs I have NEVER signed up for any service from your co. and am receiving almost DAILY unwanted mail/solicitation from you. I have tried calling to have my name taken off of a mailing list and just get put on hold. I assume a car dealership sold my name and address, and I intend to find out which co. But your response is obviously a big lie as I am BEING HARRASSED by your shady company

  • Ts
      8th of Jul, 2008
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    I too am being badgered several times a week. The latest call was moments ago. It's a recorded message that, in a dunning tone, insists "your vehicle's warning is about to expire." Pressing 2 as directed to get off the list WILL NOT WORK. So this is what happens when you press 1 to speak to a rep:

    Rep: Hello, my name is John. What is the make and year of your vehicle?
    Me: Hello, John, I'll tell you that if you tell the name of your company.
    Rep: National Dealer Services
    Me: So, what is this call about...some sort of warranty for my vehicle?
    Rep: Yes, I need the make and model.
    Me: I don't own a vehicle so I want to these calls to stop
    Rep: (hangs up)

    Now, for sure, I'll get another call tomorrow or the next day, for sure. It's been happening now for weeks and it is driving me bananas.

    This time, it came from phone number 831 480 6326, traced by star-69. But of course, when I call that number all I reached is a "this number is not in service" recording. I've gone through this same routine three or four times now, once I figured out that the automated "remove from list" did nothing.

    Now, Mr. Downs, I do want to to believe you, as your company may truly be a victim of a shady competitor here. But then again, it's also plausible that your company could also be employing an aggressive marketing boiler room operation that is making these calls. From a Public Relations point of view, your company now has a problem: it simply doesn't look too good for your company. It would be in your interest for someone in your organization needs to investigate far enough to stop this and bring charges, if possible.

  • Da
      8th of Jul, 2008
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    ****WARNING***** FOUL LANGUAGE****

    I got a call the other day and pressed one. When I wouldn't give them any information they promptly hung up on me. Tonight, I was in a frisky mood again so pressed one again and the guy asked for my make, model, and such. I told him he was so full of sh&* his eyes were brown. He told me that my remark was racist and I replied that it had nothing to do with the color of his skin, just his eyes. He proceeded to tell me that I was an old white woman with a dried up C^%& and then hung up on me.

    Great business plan. I am wondering if there is any way to stop such calls. Besides, if I'm not mistaken (from years of working for a collection agency) I think telemarketers (I use the term loosely) are not allowed to call you after 8 PM your time.


  • Ed
      9th of Jul, 2008
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    terrible - rude - sales calls every other day

    makes me want to get a whistle and blow out the eardrums of the rude sales reps

    now i hit 1 and just talk slowly and act confused and waste their time = but thats a bad plan

    i dont think its actually Interstate National Dealer Services, Inc. because i called them from their
    web site and their very friendly receptionist said that they were getting lots of compaints and that it wasnt them...

    there should be a law - well actually i think is one - hope the cops find them - i would be a complainant

    its every other day... for a month

    they call from 831 480 6326

  • An
      9th of Jul, 2008
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    If it is indeed the place in florida, I may have a lead:

    Business Name National Dealer Services Inc
    Category Loan & Financing Services
    Address 14021 North Dale Mabry Highway
    City Tampa
    State FL
    Zip 33618
    Phone (813)968-3352

  • Da
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    I went along with their whole scheme. I got a supervisor's name- Chris. Their corporate office is stationed out of Austin, TX. He is from Florida and my number was routed from California. I told him I was interested and asked if I could pay it all up front today (a sale always excites them...i had no intention on buying any of their crap). They needed the vin number from my car and I told them my husband had it at work. I also asked for some info at that time before I called my husband and that's how I got the call back number. They have called from several numbers but this one was 954-933-4080.

    You can call 1888- 664-5275 and ask for the supervisor Chris. If he doesn't do something about this maybe at least he'll quit his job. The company is National Dealer Services.

  • Da
      14th of Jul, 2008
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  • Bl
      19th of Jul, 2008
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    I think the guy who wants to blow the whistle is right on. I hate this company and would love to set of and explosive near the phone so that way the telemarketer would go deaf. This way every time they called I could make it so that they would never hear out of that ear again. This way I don't have to listen to their crap any more either. And maybe they would run out of the stupid people who think they have a good job working for a crapy company

  • Te
      22nd of Jul, 2008
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    I received a letter from INDS stating my car's factory warranty had expired and I was driving unprotected. My car is less than 6 months old and has 6, 000 miles on it. I called the number and spoke to an extremely rude male. I finally told him that he was just a messenger and I don't shoot messengers since I needed him to give his boss a message. I said the letter was fraudulent and was meant to induce fear and I was extremely unhappy about that and was going to file a complaint with the FTC and the US Attorney General. He started to say something, and I told him the only thing I wanted to here from him was "Yes, ma'am". He then started to say something about me not listening to him and I said I didn't have to, but he needed to because the government was about to come down on them. I then hung up while he was starting to say something very unpleasant to me about my lineage and my body.

    Here's a link to the FTC's Complaint Assistant:

    It's very easy to follow. If the complaint is serious enough - and charges of fraud across state lines is very serious - then just one complaint will get the ball rolling. But if enough people file the same complaint about the same company, then the FTC will move that company to the top of its list, and probably end up shutting them down.

  • Ta
      28th of Jul, 2008
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    I am having the same problem. The guy on the phone today took the cake. I asked to be removed and he said "blah, blah, blah, blah, I hear that all day long" I said you're kidding me right? He said no and that he could not remove me because it was routed to him from somewhere else. I asked who and he said National Dealer Services. I then called Interstate National Dealer Services and told them about the call. The lady on the phone took my name and number and sounded really concerned. I also traced the number and it was 1-606-654-4190. Don't know where it is coming from but I am fed up with this harassment.

  • Wa
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    The correct number to this source of abuse is 1-888-664-5275. Jessica DeCaprio is the one in charge now. Chris probably ran off.

    despite advising her on 6/25/08, that i am on a do not call list, have no car and am disabled and the calls did stop but started up again today.

    I called today and "Ms. Decaprio" was out to lunch. Instead of call back I left a message with "Paulynn" told her of going to report and post their tel# all over the web. She hung up on me. So they can call me, yet it isn't good for me to call them??

    Now I've contacted the Attorney General's Office in my state to report them and make a complaint due to the 'do not call violation'. Boy, am I pissed off!

  • Ni
      14th of Aug, 2008
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    I can confirm the correct number as 888-664-5275. The person I spoke with was "Jonesy". After he hung up on me, I called the number Wanda described. The operator confirmed the person I spoke with was "Jonesy".

    Let's keep up the communication!

  • Jo
      3rd of Sep, 2008
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    Same story as everyone else on this site. They call my house several times a week it seems. I've filed complaints with FTC, FCC, BBB, and the National Do Not Call Registry. The difficulty is that they spoof their real number with a fake number in your caller ID. The actual, local number to their office is 954-933-4080. If you call that number, you will get one of about 4-5 people that are working in a small room ( I can hear the other operators on the phones when I call it) and it goes directly to an "agent". Today, I called at least 10 times in a row, asking for the name and address of their company. The names I got from them were "Warranty Renewal" and "Dealer Services". Neither of these are the actual name of the company. The actual name is "Auto One Warranty".
    Typically when I call and ask for the address, if I get a response, it's "I don't know", or "I can't give out that information". Usually, I get laughed at or they hang up the phone without responding.

  • Co
      16th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    No way this company is taking people to the cleaners on their warrenty's...Watch out they will null your contract in a heart beat...They don't want to pay for anything and will do anything to get out of it..You'll spend more time proving your case...GOT STRAIGHT TO THE AG OFFICE, INSURANCE COMMISSIONER AND TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW... READ THE CONTRACT AND KEEP EVERY DARN REPAIR RECEIPT YOU CAN...

  • Ch
      21st of Jul, 2015
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    The vp's statement is a complete lie. They call from lists that are not generated from inquiries. Just another bs company telling lies to avoid the law.

  • Da
      9th of Nov, 2015
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    I receive phone calls several times a month. These all match the description of the comments above. I repeatedly ask to speak to a manager, for company information, or to be removed from their calling lists. This results in a hang up. The next call comes in the exact same way. This is extremely frustrating. I have ended up blocking the number several times, but the branch/computer just calls from a new one.
    I actually narrowed down the specific company because it is in print on one of the many pieces of junk mail I have received from them.
    The company is harassing at this point and they need either a class action law suit or a significant enough fine to stop!

  • Da
      9th of Nov, 2015
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    FYI...the mailing address on their junk mail is:

    400 Skokie Blvd #105
    Northbrook, IL 60062

  • Jc
      5th of Jan, 2017
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    "For those looking for the prime source of the so National Dealer Service"

    The name of the company is:
    National Auto Protection Corporation
    Google it and you'll find the prime location of their office.
    The company employees are usually ex-cons on work release from prison. Be advised that to get them to pick up the phone will be challenging. Their main focus is outgoing calls. Yes, they use servers that allow them to jump from 1 phoneline to another in order to not be tracked. But the number attached with image posted is their office landline.

    Good luck with your claims.

  • Vi
      14th of Aug, 2018
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    Interstate National Dealer Services (INDS) - Stop calling
    United States

    They call me 6 to 7 times after I tell them to remove me from their list

  • Jo
      20th of Aug, 2018
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    Interstate National Dealer Services (INDS) - They don’t stop calling after at least 30 times of requesting To be removed from their call list.
    United States

    They incessantly call me when the car they are referring to is no longer in existence. It was totaled over two months. Being in sales myself, I have learned to not be a nuisance. These folks are a nuisance and I get two calls a day. What needs to be done to be removed from their list.

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