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I am just posting this hoping others may read it and save themselves some money. I saw some flashy ads for 'real legal buds' from international oddities, that took me to the website is that said experience the pleasure of real bud, so I clicked them. I was amazed that I could buy this stuff legally, so I immediately placed a trial order for some of their krypto and dro bud as they say it is their 'best'. Despite reading some negative info online, I was still intrigued at these products, so I splurged and spent like 60.00 on this crap. It was not even smokable. The krypto was worse than the 'dro' but neither deserve those types of marijuana names. My throat was on fire and my lungs feel like I have weights inside them when I inhale this junk. I cannot explain how bad it tasted or smelled, so anyhow save your money. Best of all when I emailed they told me 'no refunds'. I am going to try elsewhere before I completely give up on this type of product. I cannot believe this company is still in business selling this bunk crap. they should change the krypto name to kryptic because it may just kill you after you smoke it.

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  • Tr
      Apr 23, 2009

    Dear Internet Friends-
    The above complaint is a plant. That means it is posted by someone who is NOT a real customer. You can tell if you look closely.

    You may however find this new story of interest.

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  • Sm
      Apr 29, 2009

    "Dear Internet Friends-
    The above complaint is a plant. That means it is posted by someone who is NOT a real customer. You can tell if you look closely.

    You may however find this new story of interest."

    The above was written by the same guy that created the website. If you look closely at his above comment and the words typed by the creator of the website. You will notice it is the same style and way of typing. Plus linking to the website itself is a dead giveaway. If you look at how he types Dear Internet Friends and adds the little - at the end, he did the same thing when creating the website. You will notice the - alot on the website. Let me sum up their product for you. Its crap. Its just a jumbled up mess glued to a stick. Tried it, got sick, tried to report it to them, got basically told to [censored] off and that they didn't care.

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  • To
      May 15, 2009

    BUSTED! International oddities is a scam. Look at some of the posts on NORML New Zealand forum. Who is this Bill Black Lunatic anyways?

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  • Ka
      Nov 15, 2009

    To "Samuel, " are you sure you didn't get the counterfeit product? There's a competitor that got nailed for selling fake I.O. smoke. I've gotten probably around 5 cans of the stuff in different varieties, and I had no problem with any of them. The Blueberry was a little dry, but everything else has been fine. I don't get any kind of respiratory issues from smoking it; they don't burn my throat or anything. I really like the stuff.

    To the other guy, you MUST have gotten the counterfeit stuff. Just be glad you didn't get the crap with the paint thinner in it! Makes me glad I ordered through their print ads instead of going online--too easy to get duped. (Oh no! I used a hyphen! Maybe that dude'll think I'M the owner of I.O., too!)

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  • Fr
      Nov 25, 2009

    Just to be sure.

    I have not read any single positive objective reviews from either side.

    Too many claims of fraud, awful quality of product must contain some truth to it.

    Both companies resorting to unethical marketing practices bashing each other? Just how low can you go guys?
    Grow up!

    And no none of these crap can ever get you high!

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  • No
      Apr 16, 2010

    hey peeps this is just my opinion about international oddities!
    and i am not a employee or a brother or sister or any other relation to the company.
    i placed an small order on april 12th 2010 three days later on april 15th 2010
    i received my order with a few freebies - roller and hemp rolling papers and a sample of the black o the shipping was a speedy delivery the product was the box of bud black widow
    the product was simply awesome along with the freebies
    before you file complaints on internationa oddities i strongly think you should try the product. as they stated in all their advertising this is legal bud and it is for your variety
    of different herbal smoking materials not any where does it state it is a drug to get high
    so for all you hippies out there looking to get high this is not the place
    if you are looking to get high or stoned then you need to drop by your favorite dealers
    house and pay for your illegal weed.. international oddities offers an new alternative
    to the smoking world. with many different flavors and many cool items i might add
    for all you silly people who think you can buy real weed or any drugs for that manner on line. then you got another thing coming.. weed is not legal to order online or any where else... you don't get to not read the fine print then get online and bash international oddities because you didn't get high. you see it's people like you that ruin peoples good reputations by writing and saying their products are a rip off a con a scam
    use your brain people this shop is for pure enterainment which offers many alternatives
    to the new wave of smoking. anyhoo try these products and you will be just as pleased as i am..

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  • Ok
      Aug 10, 2010

    I ordered 4 ounces (buy three and get one free) in various flavors.
    It smoked alright using a hookah/waterpipe.
    Some headchange/buzz with all the varities.

    My complaint is that they advertise each can is
    approximately one ounce. When the order arrived,
    I measured the contents of each can on my digital scales.
    Each can was less that 21 grams or .75 oz.

    I inquired about this and was told that they measure
    by Volume and NOT weight. I under stand using a
    volume measure for liquids and powered solids, but
    not for leafy vines and flowers.

    I have replied to the reply and am waiting for a response.
    Will update when final determination is made.

    Okie Tokie

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  • Vi
      Aug 23, 2010

    I believe after being a reader of hightimes for over 20 yrs & seeing International Oddities advertised in it for just as long, i am to believe they are a reputable company. Legalbuds was found to have done wrong doing against them and after reading up more on them (GLH), i saw they have an F with the bbb. For idiots out there, that's Better Business Bureau!!! I will continue my research further on but i'm assuming i'll be placing an order despite all the haters.

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  • Mr
      Oct 11, 2010

    I sell IO products in a brick-and-mortar store and have return customers who buy it regularly. They must like it or why would they drive to my store and share their hard-earned money with my business? And OF COURSE they can't say what they sell will get you high, just like I can't say that to MY customers. BECAUSE SELLING ANYTHING OVER THE COUNTER (read: 'not a prescription') THAT WILL GET YOU HIGH IS ILLEGAL. Which would be why they cannot refund money to someone who didn't get high from the legal buds. (duh).

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  • Be
      Feb 02, 2011

    this company is a rip off and all the comments about them being anything but are from the company itslef read all the other complaints and all the possitive comments are the same. i was STUPID enought to purchase some of thier dro it smelled like chewing tabacco and smoking it was horrible but i didnt stop because i wanted to share with eveyone out there what would happen if you did smoke the stuff for a long period of time. it made me extremely ill and i ended up going to the doctor with complaints of chest pains told him what i was trying and gave him a sample. my doc had it anilized and come to find out there are extremely harmfull chemicals in this [censor] that proplonged use can cause cancer, not reffering to the fact that it is a tabacco based product but the other [censor] they put in it so all in a nut shell if you smoke it you will die!!!

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  • Ca
      Feb 11, 2011

    hey i just ordered from international oddities on monday and today is thursday and i never received my order. but stupidly after i placed my order i noticed they only ship to billing address and i had them ship to another address. am i screwd? are they even going to send it at all? they have no way to contact them on their website and the 800 number doesnt even work

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  • Mr
      Mar 08, 2011

    I'm not from International Oddities, Beckity. This is my store: . And Callattsavenow, their 800 number works, I order nearly every week.

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  • Vo
      Sep 30, 2011

    I recently ordered a can of "dro". I placed the order on september 26th 2011 and I received my order 2 days later using standard groud shipping. From long beach california to western mass in 2 days, thats fast. Thats not my problem. My problem is the product is nothing like it is advertised. The weight was just under 1oz. The "dro" is a sticky, nasty mess. It burned my lungs as I smoked it and everytime I used a differant method of smoking. I didnt buy this product to get “high“. I bought this product so I could try something new. I was curious. Im a long time reader of hightimes magazine and have
    Seen the ads for international oddities many times so I thought I would give it a shot. What a bad idea. A waste of money. $45 for the can and $10 for shipping. Thats $55 I will never see again. Take my advice and dont waste your money. If you have anything to say about my post e-mail me. [protected]

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  • Bi
      Jan 07, 2012

    iv smoked weed for a long time but recently i got my self in to trouble and cant smoke for a while im looking for something new what should i do any ideas?

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  • St
      Oct 24, 2012

    Can you die from these products? i am autistic and have had siezures and was recently sent to the hospital due to smoking REAL marijuana because the real weed gave me a panic attack. i was dizzy and had a really fast heart rate and loose of breathe. someone please help thank you.

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