Intercape / unprofessional drivers.

Good day

Yesterday I used your services when I got on your bus service number IM 0210. I encountered bad service when I omitted to declare my 2 year old son as a passenger. of which when I got on the bus I was told he needed to pay. I admitted I did not know and asked if its possible to get him a ticket.

The bus started moving and the luggage guy came to find out about me paying for my son. I  admitted I had no money cash on me. but I will call my fiance to transfer money. of which when we get to the next stop I will draw the money and buy the full ticket.

the luggage guy went to go relay the message to the driver who then stopped in the middle of the bushes and demanded that one of the  people leave so my son can get a seat. he further on went to insult my son saying that he was obese and fat that he needed to really pay the full price.  after I said I had no problem paying but he still went on to insult and threaten to take us off the bus.

the other passengers had to beg him not to leave us in the bushes. honestly speaking I felt violated unnecessarily and I felt the driver was inhuman and he threatened my mom, little sister and  my son which i don't take kindly.

 The following stop I paid the money and got the ticket I even spoke nicely to the driver telling him that the way hey handled things was uncalled for and that really speaking he should apologise he still carried on in his rude and unprofessional conduct and blatantly told me i could report him he did not care.

Now if that is the kind of service you offer to your clients then it is saddening and I dont feel safe to be a passenger in your bus. the bus its self was very comfortable the people polite genuinely I enjoyed the ride but the drivers were pathetic and rude. they spoilt the whole journey for us. Infact it was that one driver who even when I asked for his name he reffered me to the ticket. Percy your service was appalling I'm so embarrassed on your behalf and I pray that no parent out will be made to feel the way that you have made me feel. I really felt violeted and unsafe and that statement about my son being day was uncalled for.

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