Intercape / inconvenience

Durban, South Africa

It was 13 September 2017.We were travelling as a family of four from East London to Durban and we bought return tickets which were separated because my cousin was going to Port Elizabeth and we were going to East London.We arrived at the bus station at 15:00 to wait for a bus departing at 17:00, the bus arrived and the consultant whos name is Sibonisiwe broadcasted that the bus going to P.E via Mtata has arrived at people must queue, she never mentioned anything about East London and as it was out first time going to Durban we didn't know that East London was going to be on that bus too and when buying the tickets we were told it was going to be 2 different buses .My cousin got on the bus and we waited for ours, the bus left at 17:03 and at 17:05 we went to ask when is our bus arriving and the lady told us that the bus has already left and there's nothing she can do it's out fault and that we should have known the bus was going to East London, we asked for the manager and she said he wasn't there and she gave us an old number that ddnt go through only to find out that the manager was there all along.The manager came and he told us there was nothing he can do we have to wait for 17:00 tomorrow and he couldn't even accomodate us with a place to stay, he then left us there and went home.there were three different groups of people that day who had similar problems, the Managers name is Terrence Naidoo.We called the offices in Cape town and the lady there ddnt want to give us her surname which we later found out from Sibonisiwe that it was Melaine Derdriks, she also told us there was nothing she can do and said we must give the phone to Sibonisiwe only to repeat what she told us and hang up.We went to the police station and the police said they have many complaints about Intercape and they can't do anything as it was not their line of work.they were very rude and did not care about our safety.We had to book a hotel that night and city to city tickets as my Aunt had to go to work and we were told that there are no refunds at intercape.We kindly ask for our money back and for the law to play its part

Sep 16, 2017

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