Intercapecomplaint-intercape bus travelling from pretoria to durban

M Oct 23, 2018

Dear Intercape

I would like to lodge a formal complaint to Intercape Bus services. I am writing for the attention of your customer experience team.

I bought my dad a bus ticket from Pretoria to Durban
My Dad boarded the Intercape bus in Pretoria Station at 06:00 am to come visit me in Durban and was supposed to arrive in Durban at 18:00 pm
I have to say however i was hirely disappointed and disgusted by the services and the experience on the by the Intercape Bus services.

As they were travelling the first bus broke down in Harrismith at 15: 00 PM. The Passengers were then informed that they had to wait for the bus to be repaired which to 2 hours, after failing to fix it they were then informed that a second bus will come collect them. Eventually they were transferred to a second bus, but Horrifically as they were travelling again the second bus also broke down. Keep in mind that this is the second bus and the second break down within period of 5 hours.

Again they were informed that a technician will come repair the bus. It was exactly at 19:00 PM when the bus was fixed. At this time myself and my family we are extremely worried about my dad and his phone is running out battery. horrifically his battery died and could not get hold of him. I waited at the beach front (where he was suppossed to get off) until 11:00 PM. The fact that i could not get hold of him, i was stressed thinking that maybe he got off at Durban Sation, so I then decided to drive to Durban Station . When i got to Durban Station i asked around to find out if the bus that broke down coming from Pretoria arrived (fortunetely a passenger who was one same bus, informed me that the bus just left now heading to the Depot). Here i am speeding chasing after the bus, i eventually caught up with bus at Beach front where my dad arrived at 11:45 PM

I am extremelly unsatisfied with your services, how is possible that 2 busses can break down within a period of 5 hours???

Are these busses not serviced ???

I regret making use of your services, for wasting money for this terrible experience.
I requesting that these busses must be serviced and if old they must be dispossed because people's lives are at risk


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