Intercape Bus Service / bus service and conditions

I made use of Intercape Bus Service for the first time. I booked my seat number two days prior to my departure, and was assured that the booking was made for the departure as well as my return. When I got onto the bus, somebody was already sitting on the seat that I booked. After a considerable waiting period, I was allocated to another seat. On my return, I was informed by a not so friendly and not so helpful bus driver that there is no seat booked, and I must go and look for an available seat to sit.

The toilet facilities on the bus was disgusting - dirty, and in an awful state - on the way the smell on the bus was just as disgusting.

The advertisement of services on Intercape bus service, is that there is charging facilities for your cell phone available on each seat. On both trips I tried several of these chargers, and not one worked! When I asked the bus driver about that, he nonchalantly told me that it does not work.

Is it normal practice for Intercape busses to pick up passengers along the N1 (standing next to the road) - hopping in and sitting on the seats allocated for the bus driver - exactly on the same seats where the passengers that paid for there tickets, were not allowed to sit during the duration of the trip. The passengers that were picked up when the bus stopped next to the road on the busy N1, were dropped at the very first robot in the next town about 150 km further in the next town by stopping at the very first robot in town, instead of at the bus stop in town where all the other passengers got of the bus?

Mar 14, 2018

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