INTEC College / test results not received since last year

Cape Town, South Africa

Good Day Sir/Madam

I hope you are well,

I wrote my control tests in September and never received any test results up to now. I also didn't receive my math tasks result yet. And i would like to register for my external exams but would like to know when and where i could do that?

I try to phone the collage and they won't even let me finish my sentence when i'm calling to ask about the test results they keep putting me through to another person. When i finally can speak to a person they can't understand me or their system is off.

We are fed up at this point because when we were in the process of registering there wasn't one day where they didn't make contact with us.

Now that they have our money they couldn't care less.

My student number is as follows [protected]

Email Address: [protected]

Kind Regards
Ockert Engelbrecht

Jan 09, 2018

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