INTEC College / course

klerksdorp, South Africa

good day i have problem in 15 may 2018 i have take out mechanical draught diploma but seems the course what you have on it i did`nt do any of it on my matric certificate so i have transfer my course the electrical heavy current but you must buy the books and it cost lost of money to buy some pdf file have spelling mistake on so i have try to open study portal buy you must 30 days to get the password yesterday i have decide to cancel all my course and want every drop of my money back because every time you call your student support don`t want to answer back your you must 3 hours on prepaid phone to get when the person answer you read your student no invalid if you read other student no invalid i am still waiting for 90 day s money you all the years i have was intec college your service is very very poor you must 90 day to get your money come on is not so take long i didn`t register for exam credit operation team want to deducted to write exam when cancel my course !! no one response to my letter i have enough

Jul 04, 2018

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