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InStyler / Bait & Switch + Faulty Product

1 895 S. Rockefeller Ave, Ontario, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800 307 0078

Instyler telemarketers are "bait and switching" customers and then when you try to return this terrible product, they claim you're not telling the truth. This company is a scam! The telemarketer secures the sale with "bait and switch" offer, as they relentlessly try to upsell. (They got me to say yes to almost $200 worth of extras). The worst part is that I was told I could keep the 2nd one that they are sending for free, even if I was unsatisfied with the one I try. I asked why I would do that if I wasn't satisfied with the product, and they replied that Instyler is so committed to spreading the word about their products, that they'd want me to "pass it on" to a friend ...because it might work better for someone else. After all, she said, that's what I get for my trial fee.
In any event. I tried the product and didn't like it. Tried it again and again, thinking I was doing something wrong, and still didn't like what it was doing to my hair. When calling back to return I was relentlessly upsold AGAIN with other offers so they wouldn't lose me, (including knocking over $45 dollars off my bill!!!) -go figure that one!. After 15 minutes of pleading with me to keep it, I finally said THIS IS ENOUGH and told them I was done. They finally gave me a return number and instructions, which included returning BOTH instylers. I was so annoyed that I called back to speak to a supervisors when I recalled that wasn't "the deal" sold to me. The supervisor took absolutely NO responsibility and told me that he couldn't believe me, that I must not be telling the truth. When I told him I had no reason to make this up and that I wasn't calling to keep the product becuase I liked it; that I was calling on PRINCIPLE! He claimed I was in on some scam from a blog and told me to return both products today or I would never see my credit. I plan on reporting their company to as many agencies as I can so others are not taken advantage! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT OR GIVE THIS CO. ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!
PS: For whatever it is worth, the product they sent me also did not have the upgraded computer chip I paid extra for and it broke after only three uses/attempts.

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  • Do
      22nd of Apr, 2009

    completely agree

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  • Da
      23rd of Apr, 2009

    Thank you !!! I've been trying to reverse charges since last Dec (2008) I have yet another charge on the 14 of this month (March 2009) ... The worse customer serivice I've ever seen in my 45 years of life! Try and call the company and was on hold for 95min!!! Now I have to cancel my card just to get them to stop!

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  • Ha
      24th of Aug, 2009

    I got mine at for $59.99 and had no problems.

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  • Si
      14th of Oct, 2009

    I loved the product so I ordered 2 more. I got a call from a third party company (I suppose) and they told me my instyler would be delivered and I told them I already got it. They proceeded to tell me that I was a "special" customer and I would be sent this special stuff like a gas card and charge my credit card $1.00 but after a month if I stayed with the program I would be charged $24.00 a month. I tried 3 times to tell them I didnt' want it and they pushed so hard that they told me that the minute I get it in the mail I could cancel it by calling the 800 number. I am a pushover to a point and rarely complain but I sincerely tried very hard to say I don't want it! They still insisted that all I had to do was cancel it as soon as I got this "stuff" in the mail. Now I have to watch for junk mail like a hawk to find it so I can cancel it at the first opportunity. I called the customer service line for instyler and talked to someone that sounded like a 17 year old boy that didn't have a clue what I was talking about. I emailed and left info in the comment section on the instyler site. I think the product is awesome but it's the greed involved in "unselling" that ruins this for me. I hope the ones I have last a long time because I just don't even want to give this company my information anymore.

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  • Jo
      14th of Nov, 2009

    I was sitting here with my credit card out and ready to order after seeing an informercial. I just want to thank everyone who has posted here. I "bought it" hook, line, and sinker. Then I remembered "buyer beware" and decided to check it out. Without this sight I'd be out a great deal of money for a crappy product. THANK YOU

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  • Se
      20th of Apr, 2010

    We were contacted by telephone whilst on vacation, asking to confirm our shipping address for the Instyler product. As we had ordered no such item, I told them to cancel the order and that I would be spiking the order with our credit card company.

    Today, about a week later, we received the Instyler. I am tempted to send it back "Refused", but after reading these comments hereon and elsewhere, I think that I'll be contacting the Postal Inspector Office and taking that route.

    This is the first time that anything like this has ever happened to us, in over thirty years of ordering by mail, phone and computer.

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  • In
      3rd of Aug, 2010

    These people from Instyler are crooks!!

    I bought their buy-one-get-one-free package and the super shine and style kit for $164.90 on June 3, 2010. Then 60 days later these insatiable thieves started to charge drain my money from my card for some unwanted hair products.

    My credit card company immediately called me and I was told that Instyler would automatic sign up anyone who ordered from them, and this charge will "continue" forever if you don't catch it!

    Do not buy from Instyler!! Buy from other stores if you want the hair iron so badly. Once they have your credit card, your endless headache begins.

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  • Ja
      14th of Nov, 2011

    Thanks for the warning, I was going to order them for my grand-daughter, but I have changed my mind! Thanks again

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