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Instaflex / Rip off, do not ever order from them

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The Instaflex company took 74.98 from my account in January. Soon after I received the product I called the customer service no. and got a RMA no. to return the product . I took it to the post office and handed it to the postal worker and still did not receive the refund. They tell me they never received it. How did they get to me? I have called numerous times and they tell me to talk to a supervisor and put me on hold or promise to have someone contact me within 72 hrs. and I'm still waiting. Do not ever order from them ! It doesn't work anyway!!!

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  25th of Feb, 2011
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I hear you same happen to me. But I cancel mine before the 14 days dead line. They took the money out of my account and said they never recieved my call. still trying to get my money back. Sent the one they sent me back 25 days later they say they did not recieve it. BULL S... THAT WHAT I SAY. BUYER BEWAVE.

  7th of Mar, 2011
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Junk, didn't work and way too expensive! A couple tylenol work better and what a scam taking the money out of your account.

  11th of Apr, 2011
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trust what other customers say about it - glad I read what people said - I won't order this product - I will go to GNC and get a bottle & if it is $70.00 - they can keep it...gene c

  13th of Jun, 2011
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I ordered as I had painful knee joints, then received free trial order and checked online about company, yikes! I went to my bank, have stopped my card, then called company to cancel, I had to be rude to eventually get her to understand I did not want a reduced rate or any more pills sent to me. She hung up, sent a cancellation email to confirm the conversation. I then saw people on this board talking about RMA numbers and panicked as I didn't have one, I called back and the guy said I didn't need to return the sample, the RMA is only for the poor folk that were sent a follow up order. I told him we are moving overseas ( I am Scottish anyway) and that we won't be at this address for much longer, anything sent will be returned and I have cancelled my bank card and all payments would be refused.

  6th of Oct, 2011
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Thank for you for your free trial of Instaflex. Please notice that I only agree on shipping and handling of the free trial bottle of Instaflex. I did not consent on sending me or charging my credit card for any other bottles of Instaflex. I just received another bottle of Instaflex and it was return to sender. Please give a credit to my card.
Nereida Cortes, Puerto Rico

  23rd of Jun, 2012
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Instaflex - never have my refund
United States

Free trial drug just pay $4.99 shipping, I was order free trial one bottle but 15 day latter come one more bottle, the pills is not medicine at all its just powder, they was charged on my MASTER card without my permission, i call them for refund 5 times they said we will call you back but no body call, no refund, i will not give up on this company they are bigest scammer in the world we'r victims from CANADA we try to get together to do something to track them down and put them in jail, every one stay away from this conpany don't be a victim agian, thay are advertising every where on internet do not even click on it.

  16th of Jul, 2012
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this one more severe coplain about fraud.. charging a credit card without consent of carholder is ilegal.
the charged my card 74.98 with out authorization.his was a week agao and i haven't even received the product.wich I will returne if I do .i don't understand how GNC can sell this products from Instaflex..
jose pereira miami

  17th of Jul, 2012
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In my opinion, Legitimate business does not stoop to tricks like charging my credit card after trial, with online agreement in fine print most of us do not read carefully. I received a shipment three months after trial bottle, curious I checked my credit card statement, sure enough I was charged $74+ three times. When I disputed, I was asked to send the later shipment back, I am waiting on it. But the additional charges of $149, was denied as they claimed I should take it up with USPS when I did not receive their shipment. Customer service stated their return policy was 30 days. I cannot return packages I did not receive, their response simply is sorry that is our policy. Please do not fall for this scam. I wish there was a way collectively we should sue this company to recover our money and stop them from ripping more people suffering from pain due to natural illness already.

  22nd of Aug, 2012
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Hi. I am investigating into a possible class action lawsuit against instaflex. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information.Thank you.

Angela Edwards
Law Office of Angela Edwards
East Longmeadow, MA 01028
(413) 525-3820


  22nd of Aug, 2012
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For the ones that are complaining about not authorizing them to bill you again, check the "terms and conditions" box that you obviously checked they are always signing you up for "auto ship", therefore, YOU are agreeing to receive monthly shipments. Geez, slow down and read people, don't click so fast to order on the internet.

  23rd of Dec, 2013
-1 Votes

I also ordered the free trial, but I than cancelled after reading the small print about continuing shipments every 30 days.
In Canada free means with no conditions attached, and their product is 2 times more expensive than anyone else for the same ingredients. Also if you are a member of GNC you get a discount making Instaflex Corp. more expensive than their distributors.
I am really surprised that the TV show The Doctors would allow this product on the show since there is no clinical proof that it works.
So, in the end who is coping who, since Instaflex came out much later than the others.

  29th of May, 2014
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I ordered the trial size for $4.99 + tax.. I was at work and didn't see that I was ordering anymore. Instaflex did not work for me, I'm having surgery.. My credit was charged for the trial size May 8th, May 27DDL*Instafles charged me another $74.98 for a 30 day supply... I want to know why, that was not even 30days. I had no idea that a company could run a business so crooked. I would like my $74.98 back. I called and canceled ... I talk to the most unpleasant customer Representative, I have ever had the misfortune to deal with so I hope he did what he was suppose to do. I work for the government so I used my Depot credit carrd . I work in Anniston, Ala 36201, here at Anniston Army Depot.y card is a visa issued by AOD Credit Union.. My name/ Mary Robertson/321 W22nd Street/ Anniston, Al 36201... My work no 256 235-4794.. I would appreciate an immediate response if possible.. I just want my $74.98 back and to be sure that custom service representative took care of the cancelllation... I'm very disappointed in the company for being so hasty and for the representative having such a bad attitude. Thank you very much for hearing my complaint... Sincerely, Mary Robertson

  27th of Dec, 2015
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I ordered instaflex from the original company, and had no trouble. Yes it does work for me. They answer their calls, and are very courtious.

  27th of Jan, 2016
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The free sample seemed to work for me, I'd like to know which is the original company.
First bottle just arrived. Before using, I need to check if this product may conflict w my new meds for heart etc.

  6th of Apr, 2016
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Do Not Deal With This Company...Period!!! SCAM

  5th of Jul, 2016
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I agreed to a free day trial of Instaflex. After using the product I decided it did not provide the benefits promised in their advertisement. As I travel for a living, I was surprised when I returned to find a 30 day supply of Instaflex.
I do not recall anything in their advertisement saying they would automatically begin sending the product after 10 days.
Furthermore, this product was purchased through Amazon.
I believe this product should be taken off the market and the company should be fined for deceptive practices.

  10th of Aug, 2016
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Received pills, called company got return number, sent by USPS and have not received my $75.00 refund(pills in tack, packaging not opened). Postal service delivered to address of return on 8/2/2016 @ 9:11 AM. Customer Service #1-800-436-0920 My return #RMA417030. My name is Bonnie Pettigrew

  24th of Aug, 2016
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Scam! They robbed 500 bucks from me! What a shame!

  26th of Aug, 2016
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Instaflex - received unwanted bottle of product
Instaflex MS#730
341 W 6100 S
United States

Received free bottle of Instaflex, then about a week later was sent another bottle I did not order and charged me 69.99 to my debit card. I refused to pay for something I did not order! I instructed my bank to stop payment and to watch out for anymore false charges!
There should be laws against co's like this!

  26th of Aug, 2016
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Instaflex - How can they take money without any permission?
Joint Support Instaflex
United States

I purchased three bottles of pills from website Joint Support Instaflex for $5. They sent me the product I used it and didn’t like. I cancelled the membership and they charged me $80 for the cancellation. I am afraid I can kill them… How can they take money without any permission?

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