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I too was scammed by Innovative Management. Zach Dunn and Sara Carl are the biggest low lifes I've ever met.

I worked for IMI for 5 weeks. I went through the training program staying out all hours of the night trying to meet my goals. I also went out on the roadtrips every weekend. I put several miles on and nearly destroyed my vehicle. I also about ruined my relationship with my family and friends. I let these manipulative jerks get inside my head and let me believe that they were offering me the opportunity of a lifetime. I spent every waking momment trying to impress these people and risking my own safety to "drop bottles". The ### finally hit the fan when the goals kept get higher and higher. Let's be honest, the perfume is fake and your lucky to sell them for 20 dollars a piece and make a whopping dollar profit on each after you pay in the 19 dollars per bottle owned back to the company. How can anyone servive on that kind of an income? Some inside information that you all might not know is that Zach and Sara live together in a house in Lavine, AZ that they rent and do not own. Mister self proclaimed millionare Zach doesn't even own a vehicle and the piece of crap Ford Focus that Sara claims is her younger brothers is actually hers. They get all their perfume from a company called Perfume World and it is all fake stuff. On the box where it says "Parfume du Mont" that pharse translated in french means "perfume world", which as I said is the name of the company that supplies them with their fake crap. I made a friend while working there that went all the way to the executive level and was actually given keys and made a branch manager at the location in Tempe, AZ. She recently quit and informed me that the salary promised was a complete lie and didn't see a penny of it until she demanded it before quitting. For those of you that knew Beth and Scott, they actually did open an office in Tuscon that bombed and closed after just a few weeks. I'm not sure what their current status is now. Good old Boomer and Rahul quit and are now living in Georgia. On June 25th, 2017 there was a picket held by former employees that were screwed over and it did bring media attention. Not long after Innovative Managment relocated to another office in Tempe. It's is off the US 60 and Rural Rd. The address is 4515 S. Lakeshore Drive Tempe, AZ 85282 and the phone number is [protected]. It still haunts my conscience today to think that I sold people lies and that I myself played a role in manipulating people to believe in this garbage. I offer my simpathy to those that were sucked in by this madness and just know that you did the right thing, as did I, when you quit. Karma is a ### and I pray that these low lifes will get whats coming them eventually.

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  • Js
      Jan 13, 2009
    Innovative Management - These people are frauds.
    Innovative Management
    3204 S Fair Ln, Tempe, AZ 85282
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I first spotted it in the paper after I had been fired just recently and was in desperate need of a job. "WILL TRAIN" it says in big letters. "No management exp. required." They don't tell you much on that first phone call. Just that they're looking for someone to do some basic bookeeping and inventory, but the wages they give are pretty outrageous. 40, 000 a year right out of training? Sign me up, I said.

    The first interview was just strange. Everyone seemed just to happy to be working in such a depressing place. You're greeted by a girl named Ali, a blond whose smile kinda reminded me of a horse. She ushers you into a room with a bunch of black chairs facing the same way and you fill out an application. Then Zach Dunn introduced himself to me, a self-proclaimed self-made millionare. A man who worked 3 jobs for almost 3 years straight (IBM, a mechanic, and some other B.S. job), was living the life, blah blah. He told me Ali was watching how he interviewed me because she was moving up in the program and it was part of it all. It's a lie, another fabrication to make you think everything is reality when it's not.

    I got invited back for the 2nd interview, along with about 15 other people. I was ushered into a meeting room with uncomfortable folding chairs with a big whiteboard and desk in the front. The next 2 hour's is nothing but empty promises and lies. They tell you what you want to hear, that you'll make 40, 000 right out of the gate, benefits after 90 days, 2 paid trips a year, commission on top of salary, your own branch, run things you're way, etc. I was buying into after the first day, telling all of my friends and family that I was looking at a legitimate career.

    The 2nd interview is what started arousing my suspiscion. All of a sudden, we weren't going to be in training for management positions, we were going to be selling perfume and cologne door-to-door and buisness-to-buisness. Like we were back in elementary trying to sell those crappy books out of those Scholastic catalogues. And the way Zach spoke to the group was not at all buisnessman like. He proceeded at one point to demean a lady who had the gall to ask about job security, dropping F-bombs left and right and scaring her to death it looked like. But what does he care about job security as long as that money is entering his pocket?

    I was lucky enough that I had friends who had been in the program for about 8-9 to weeks and told me it's a bunch of crap. They never received one check, were never reimbursed for the "required" field trips.

    I'm relieved more then anything that I found these reports online when I tried to look anything up on this bogus company. To anyone who wrote something prior to me, thank you.

    Don't fall victim to these idiots. I'm only unlucky in the fact that I wasted my time and not my money. I plan on returning and telling the others to not waste they're time. People say it all the time, but karma always comes back to bite you in the end. And hopefully, it'll take a bunch chunk out of these ###s.

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  • Pe
      Feb 02, 2009

    Yes I was hired for this company also. Fortunately, after the second interview I researched them online and realized the scam those people are involved into. Even though I went to their first training orientation meeting after that I was pulled aside because I was asking too much uncomfortable questions for them.

    I am Peter and my e-mail is [protected]

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