Infinity Dishdish subscription

A satellite TV subscription order was processed against my knowledge and permission. On Feb 6, 2016 I phoned Infinity Dish for a quote based on their website ad. I spoke to their sales rep Dion. I asked about pricing, but he said to provide exact pricing he would need my information. When he asked for my Social Security and credit card numbers I reminded him I was not ready to order, I was just inquiring about pricing. Dion said that to receive free equipment leasing fees and the best discounted package they would need to run a credit report.
I provided the information and when Dion ran he said I qualified for their best promotion. I told him AGAIN that I wasn't ready to order but he provided the pricing and that the quote would be available until 2/9. If I wanted the subscription with DISH I would need to call back by then.
He then played a recording which stated my credit card would be charged a $49 subscription activation fee and hanging up on the call would constitute acceptance. When DION came back on the phone I emphatically stated I was NOT authorizing a charge to my credit card as I was NOT placing an order. He confirmed that my card would not be charged and no order was placed. If I didn't call back by Tuesday to lace the order the quote would expire.
I then received an email directly from DISH a few hours later thanking me for my new order and that an installer would be to my home Tuesday between 12 and 5pm. I phoned DISH immediately (not Infinity Dish - the 3rd party sales agency) explaining that I did not confirm and order and that I had only phoned Infinity Dish for pricing.
They cancelled the order immediately and confirmed I would not be in breach of contract or be assessed any cancellation or other fees. The DISH agent, Lisa advised me to check my credit card to see if Infinity Dish charged my card. I checked my credit card account and saw no charge was assessed. I immediately closed my credit card account to prevent fraudulent billing.
I was not out any money but want other consumers to now about the unethical practices of this company.
With all the customer complaints I later found on websites I don't know why DISH continues to do business with this agency.

Mar 02, 2016

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