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IndiGo Airlines / Baggage Loss

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My sister flew to Bangalore from Vadodara on the 27th of Apr 2008 on Indigo Airlines flight 6E 277 with her two kids. The flight was via Mumbai (just a stop).
She had checked in two pieces of check-in baggage. When the flight landed at Mumbai someone from the Airline came up to her and asked her how many check-in baggages she had and she told them it was two (a bag and a suitcase).
On landing at the Bangalore airport, she was able to get only the suitcase. The bag never came. On lodging a complaint with the Airline, we were not even given a complaint number on insisting a lot they agreed to call and let us know of a complaint number.
Since that day we keep calling the Airline number and talking to various people but to no avail. They never call to update us on the status of the search. And when I call they just say we are searching.
They say that if at the end of 20 days (wow !) they are unable to find they would compensate us with some money (based on some weight related calculation).
My suggestion to them is to give me the money right now and take it back the moment they find the bag for me. This will keep them on toes and attend to the problem with more diligence. And for me, it would mean that I get some immediate relief and know that the issue is atleast half solved.
Another thing that baffles me is that they decide the compensation based on the weight of the bag, which is totally ridiculous to me (ok, all airlines do the same, but that doesnt mean it is right). They can make it mandatory for people to fill in the approximate value of the baggage at the time of check-in (like we do when we send packages with couriers).
I am still hoping we will be able to get back the bag. Because I am more interested in getting my bag than any compensation !!

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  • Am
      29th of Apr, 2008
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    I got a couple of calls from the airline today. But still no trace of the baggage. The compensation that they mention is not even 20% of the cost of the bag and the stuff inside it. How crappy can the airline be. Its really pathetic.

  • Am
      6th of May, 2008
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    This is what they say:
    Dear Sir,

    We thank you for choosing IndiGo

    We regret the inconvenience caused due to the lost baggage that was reported by you at our arrival counter in Bangalore. Our staff has made all efforts to locate your lost baggage and still searching in all possible areas. The concerned airport staff has been in contact with you in this regard.

    As you are aware, a case of misplaced baggage (such as yours) is governed by the Conditions of Carriage (“COC”) of IndiGo. The COC is in the nature of a binding contract between the airline and the passenger who chooses to fly with it. Therefore, every passenger who chooses to fly with IndiGo agrees to be bound by its conditions of carriage. The baggage rules in the COC state that in the case of lost baggage, IndiGo's liability for any loss, delay or damage to Baggage is limited to Rs 200 per kg with a maximum of Rs 3, 000 only. Further, all medication, valuables and precious items (cameras, jewelry, money, electronics, etc.) and items which are fragile or perishable should be carried in Cabin Baggage and not in Checked Baggage. IndiGo is not responsible for these items.

    We are still searching for the missing baggage. May we request you to give us some more time to revert to you. Our airport staff will get in touch with you in this regard.

    Best regards,
    Abhinav Maharishi
    Customer Relations

  • Am
      6th of May, 2008
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    And my comment to them:
    I agree that you have rules and regulations. And if you chose to follow rules rather than helping passengers who give you business, in times such as this where your callousness and carelessness causes distress to the passenger, that shows the amount of respect and regard you have for customer service and customer satisfaction.

    I feel sad that you have no regard to the amount of loss and problem we have been through because of your negligence and it pains more to see that rather than being proactive enough to come forward to help the customer in whatever way possible you are pointing me to the rule book and regulations. We have suffered a loss in monetary terms as well as mental agony because of the loss of our baggage while being on vacation. But this as I see is of little importance to you. And this makes very clear the amount of customer satisfaction that you wish to spread and the amount of business you wish to do.

    You never tell the customers by printing on the ticket important information such as the rules in effect in case of baggage loss. If I knew you would not compensate me for more thatn 3000 rupees I would never have put my bag in the check-in luggage. But you would not tell me that. It doesnt even take your ink, because I print the ticket on my own. So what is it that stops you from providing such important information to the passenger. You might argue that it is all available on your website, and I agree. But what percentage of your passengers is internet literate and use internet on the daily basis.

    It is one thing to be politically and legally correct and another thing to be able to rise above the ordinary and provide a service of a different class. You I am sorry to say belong to the first category and would never make it to the next level unless you gather the courage and passion to be able to solve genuine cases of loss in amicable ways to not lose hope of the passenger.

  • Ra
      14th of Jun, 2008
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    They are one big bunch of cheats..

  • Ra
      14th of Jun, 2008
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    Oh Indigo baggage handling is famous. I have a friend who is so very pissed off with indigo airlines. He had one of those air bags which are made out of nylon. Well, he boarded the flight, and on his way home he found out that the nylon bag was punctured with a medium sized hole.. Not only this, the indigo people were so dishonest, they stuck a fragile sticker on the hole so as to cover it up.
    When he called up Indigo airlines, they told him that nothing can be done now as he had to contact indigo while still at the airport. He is still fighting with Indigo airlines.

  • Se
      5th of Jan, 2011
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    I am another recent victim of Indigo's careless baggage handling. Me and family travelled Chennai -Ahmedabad (24th Dec 2010 - 6E 237). We were on year end vacation. On arrival at AHM airport, only two of our bags were delivered. The third (largest baggage which had all our clothes and change dress in it) was missing. Indigo did not give any distress compensation or allowance for not delivering the package. They keep searching for 15 hours (despite all the IT / bar code / technology and AWARD WINNING airline (I dunno which joker organization give award to such airlines).

    After almost 24 hours they find baggage at Kolkata and fly it in and deliver to my hotel. In the process, I have made almost 6-7 calls (all STD calls from my Chennai mobile # to their AHM, Gurgaon offices). I have sent couple of e-mailss from my mobile as well. I have asked them to compensate me for the severe loss on account of communication costs I have incurred, time wasted, one full day CHristmas holiday that too wasted sitting in my hotel staring at the ceiling, all due to the completely irresponsible way of Indigo airlines.

    When u ask compensation, they resort to some esoteric "conditions of carriage" (Condition of carriage states that bag to be delivered on arrival for the money passenger has paid for the ticket - isnt it)

    I am now escalating this to Min. of Civil aviation and also shortly planning to file Consumer complaint with Consumer forum to bring accountability and procedures in place for airline to compensate any missed baggage forthwith with appropriate distress allowance as well as giving fair compensation (in case luggage is fully lost)

    I would be happy if more of you join in this initiative to bring fairness and equity to consumers and make all airline companies (domestic or otherwise) properly accountable to deliver committed services to customers.

    I am also going to write about this experience with Indigo in my forum (about 2500 member strong) and let them know about this pathetic way of handling and providing customer service. I am also writing to the joker company which awarded this airline to pull back the award and black list them from future contests for such awards.

  • Vk
      22nd of Aug, 2012
    +1 Votes

    My checked in luggage is missing since my travel yesterday from Delhi to Pune, at arrival I was told that my bag has reached Coimbatore in place of Pune. I was in touch with Nitika, Priya & Pooja sharma.
    Since then I following up at Indigo Pune numbers, but I’m not receiving a response.

    Please update me ASAP. I’ve important documents in bag & Indigo team at Pune is not updating properly.
    Booking ref - VK8HAF

  • Sa
      1st of Jun, 2014
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    They are cheaters and misplaced our bag knowingly. In bag my infants clothes, my cosmetics, kids medical reports, his medicines, my i-phone mobile charger, one book approx. rs. 25000/- has lost. They have not reverted us till date. I hav a strong intution that their staff has done this. They have to pay the whole money of my baggage. Their staff has done work very carelessly. The airline should pay for the whole money and recover it from the duty staff. Inspite of all this, i suggedt if they check cctv footage then they can easily make out ghe guilty staff. Otherwise i am in full mood of fighting against the lost of my baggage. As some very worthy things my kids medical reports are in the bag and i am more interested in taking my bag back. My cell number is also in the bag. The person can return us by callibg ib phobe.

  • Pr
      16th of Jul, 2014
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    i FLEW inDIGO FLIGHT 6e127 ON 13TH JULY FROM DELHI TO GUWAHATI.i HAD A CONFIRMED TICKET AND WEBCHECKED IN ON 12TH EVNG AND GOT SEAT NO 4F.mY SEQUANCE WAS 7.oN 13TH MNG, i CHECKED IN MY BAGGAGE AND ASKED FOR BOARDING PASS.I WAS TOLD TO GET MY BAGGAGE WEIGHED AND PAY FOR 30 KG EXCESS BAGGAGE WHICH CONSISTED OF 2 SUITCASES AND 2 HAND BAGS.iN ALL THERE WRE 4 ITEMS THAT WERE CHECKED IN.i PAID 7, 500/- FOR THE EXCESS BAGGAGE AND COLLECTED MY BOARDING PASS FROM THE EXCESS BAGGAGE COUNTER AND BOAREDED THE FLIGHT.i DID NOT REALISE THAT ONLY 3 ITEMS WERE TAGGED AND HE STICKERS PUT ON MY BOARDING PASS AND THE 4TH BAG WAS NOT TAGGED AND NO STICKER PUT ON THE BOARDING PASS.i WAS BUSY PAYING THE EXCESS BAGGAGE FARE AND ASSUMED THAT ALL 4 ITEMS WERE CHECKED IN.bUT ON LANDING IN GUWAHATI AT 10 AM ON 13TH ULY, I WAS HANDED ONLY 3 ITEMS.THE 4TH ITEM WAS A RED COLOURED Reebok hand bag with Reebok shoes, Florsheim shoes and 2 pairs of chappals.this bag went missing and has not been traced so far.The indigo staff at the airport told me that it may have been untagged and may have been left behind at delhi itself.Then why was i charged excess baggage ? this essentially means that I was made to pay for a bag that was not carried/checked in and i ended up losing the bag after paying for carrying it !!!this is ridiculous and i fail to understand how indigo staff can weigh a item, make me pay for it as excess baggage and not check it appears this was deliberately done as the Reebok bag was not locked and contained expensive footwear.Obviously this must be the handiwork of indigo staff themselves and no one else.Till today -the 17th july, there is no news from indigo about this missing bag and it's contents.I intend taking this case to the consumer's forum and seeking redressal from indigo as i had paid for checking it in and carrying it to guhawati but ended up losing it as it was not checked in and carried- a clear case of deficiency in service despite paying for the service.
    DR.PRK PRASAD, Consultant Neurosurgeon, tel-9434736848

  • Ve
      5th of Jul, 2016
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    I traveled with Indigo airlines from Pune to Bengaluru on 04.07.16 Flight No: 6E807 PNR No: T5PIMY. In Pune Airport I gave my baggage in baggage Counter they told I will receive my Bag. When reached at the Bengaluru International airport, I received my baggage, but from my baggage one bag was missing which attached to my baggage. I contacted Indigo airlines Crew they had no answers they told me to raise a complaint. Please Help me this.


  • Vi
      28th of Sep, 2017
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    Severe Knife Cut found in trolley bag, PNR No:OHJUTK, Flight No: 6E 529 dated :11.08.2017 CRM:02022904

    Another Victim: Mr Nirmal Agarwal

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