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my experience with them has been very very poor at best. As it stands now I would never order from them again or refer anyone to them. I ordered two packs of wavy in 22 inches and one in 18nch on the 27th of Feb of 2010 and received a package on Wednesday the 3rd of March but my order was wrong I was missing one of my 22inches. When I called the lady was sooo rude and condescending I couldn't believe it. She rushed me off the phone and told me that she would call me back later that day(of course she didn't) so I called her back and she told me that she would have to check with shipping to verify that the hair wasn't sent and for me to call Thursday.Of course I did and she said that she hadn't heard from shipping yet and that she would call me back(once again she never did) I called her back close to closing time and she told me that they would have further information on Friday. I called Friday and she answered the phone with an attitude and told me that decided that they are going to go ahead and send me out the 22inch I was missing(as if I made the whole story up and they would just go along with it this time). I told her OK and hung up, but for some reason I was still worried and had suspicions that she wasn't really sending it. So I called back like an hour later and asked for the tracking and confirmation on the package and VOILA she didn't have it. She was soo shocked that I had even called back and asked for that. She told me that she would call me back with it after they printed out the shipping sticker(once again she did not call me back) at 4:50 I called her back and she answers the phone again with an attitude and later tells me that my package had been shipped and I could expect it Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Well its Tuesday now and I'm sure you can guess that I haven't received it.I went on the USPS website and tried to track the pkg but all it says is that the USPS has received electronic confirmation to expect a package but no information on whether the pkg had been sent yet. I called my local post office and they told me that it most likely was still in Las Vegas and to check with the So I call them and the same rude girl picks up and tells me that they sent it on Friday and that it should be here and if its not here by tomorrow to call back(once again rushing me off the phone) but at this point I knew they were full of crap so I become real irritated and ask her is she sure that they sent it, because the first package was early although had the incorrect order in it, and she had assured me it would be here today. She starts yelling and telling me that we could go back and forth but she sent it and doesn't know what I want her to say. (at that point of course I lose my cool and go off on her) but I tell her that Ill give them one more day and tomorrow if it isn't here then I'm going to call back pissed. Later I called the 800 number for USPS and asked them could they track the package and he tells me that they have no record of it other that the electronic shipping sticker that just tells them to expect a package. So I call again and ask them could they make sure they sent it out because the USPS is saying that its a possibility that it hasn't been sent. She tells me that she personally went downstairs to their shipping department and got it ready to be sent. So we go back and forth some more and I'm asking her what does she think is a reasonable amount a time for me to be worried that they are just ripping me off. She starts over talking me and says, "I personally took the package so I know its been sent". I ask how does she know if it was sent, and did she personally take it to the post office and can you believe that heifer said yea she took it down there?? She had just told me she took it downstairs to there shipping department and now shes claiming that she personally took my package to the post office and shipped it out. I called her out on her lie and she got quiet and said I'm gonna put u on hold. The mgr got on the phone and said that I need to wait till Friday because sometimes the USPS loses packages or they just take real long to send them out. I told her that the USPS guy told me that I can file a claim for my package today and she got real quiet and said well actually it hasn't been 10 business days so you would need to wait till then.I told her that I don't believe that they sent it and they are just trying to set the situation up to say something crazy like they are not responsible for stolen or lost packages and I mention that I had just caught that girl in hard core lie and this is why I'm uneasy about the whole situation. And she once again got quiet and says that's not the case but that this happens all the time because USPS doesn't update there system. I remind her that if they would have sent me all three packs of my hair the first time then this wouldn't even have to be an issue. She just starts talking like shes real annoyed and says that if my package does not arrive by Friday she will personally file the claim for me. At this point I'm sooo disgusted with them I'm going to call my post office tomorrow and put a claim out on the package and if by Friday it isn't here then I'm going to demand my money back for the hair I'm missing.

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  • Be
      15th of Jan, 2011
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    Wow!!! I was considering buying hair from, but after reading these reviews people posted I started to do a little more research. I looked up and read all the reviews and watched videos on youtube, and I must say 85% of the comments/ reviews were HORRIBLE. Then a previous customer of made a valid are there so many positive reviews of their hair when they will not allow you to write reviews on their web page. IDK about yall but I work pretty hard for my money and I can't afford to blow it on a bad batch of hair. Again I've never purchased hair from but I would advise you ladies to do some SERIOUS research before purchasing. I'm currently looking at other hair companies. Ladies do your research...

  • Ad
      17th of Jan, 2011
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    I bought 2 12-inches wavy hair and they came on time. the problem was that the 2 bundles looked different and one was so obviously shorter than the other one so am thinking that one is probably 10 inches instead of 12. I called them and left a message regarding the hair since you can't return the hair once you've bought them. Someone actually called me back and after my complaint told me the hairs are different bc they come from different people. Now one bundle is ok, but the other one is shorter than what I ordered and has lots and lots of split ends!!! It has to be trimmed even shorter!!! One thing is that it is not shedding yet but the hair is so light weight and doesn't look healthy at all. I thought I could flat iron it since it's all natural but it hasn't been cooperating at all. The installment was good but the hair just doesn't look healthey, it's too short for a 12 inch and i just don't like it. Needless to say that I won't be ordering from them again!!! and wouldn't recommend them either. I have to say that I got this hair from a recommendation of a friend; however, another friend advised against them> I guess one can be lucky to get good hair once in a while but don;t always count on it. From now on, I'll only buy hair that I can see!!!

  • De
      21st of Jan, 2011
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    i didnt have a good experience with them either, not going to be buying. the 2 for 1 deal was attractive but the quality was horrible. i found a wholesale company and a retail product - their straight and wavy are beautiful. but i still can't find a company with good natural curly indian hair.

  • Ja
      12th of Aug, 2011
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    I, truly, wish I read this review pryor to purchasing anything from this site. I ordered 14 & 16" natural black wavy. The quality is very poor! I've been trying for days to get through to someone, but my call goes to voicemail. I'm surprised you were able to get through. I never order hair on-line, but at the suggestion of a stylist, I gave them a try. To say that I am dissatisfied is an understatment! The package did arrive on time; however, I was expecting a much better quality. At this point, I will submit as complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I hope that anyone else that has a horrible experience with this company will do the same! I knew there was a reason I hesitated before I submitted my order. Lesson learned!

  • Di
      2nd of Feb, 2012
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    I ONE THOUSAND PERCENT AGREE I was looking up reviews for this place and only found their false positive reviews...the hair came on time...the customer service is poor...BUT WORSE OF ALL...THE HAIR IS ABSOLUTE TRASH...IT TANGLES, IT HAS NO BODY, IT IS BASICALLY HORSE HAIR...FAR FROM INDIAN HAIR...WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY... I THINK ILL FILE A BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU COMPLAINT AS WELL... CONSUMER BEWARE.

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