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We purchased the new fridge freezer from comets, we have had it seven months and has started to break down, the cooler is faulty. I phoned up to make a complaint and the women informed me that the warranty is nearly out, would I like to buy an extended warranty £5 per month, I told her, I have phoned up to make a complaint and we want it repaired, she informed me that if the maintenance chap find the faults is ours, it would cost us £150 plus parts, not knowing what was up with it, made me concerned that he would inform them it was our fault. I asked her when will some one come and repair it, she said friday, two days away, I asked her what about the food that is in it, she replied it is not our problem. We got a phone call from a chap who informed us he would be here today between 8-12pm, we mover every thing out the fridge and freezer into cooler bags, got to 1pm and phoned them up again and asked were this chap was who is suppose to be here? They said he should have phoned us up and inform us, he is waiting for the part, we have thrown some food away because the fridge stopped working and the food got warm, this chap told us to open the fridge and freezer door to let the component thaw out. This is very poor after sales service, all we ask is it get repaired, or change it, please help if you can please, we don't want to loose £300 in seven months... Than you.


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