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Sub:- compalaint regarding indisit freege 416 ltr model no tansfnf dhx (tk).
As stated above we have purchased one no. Of refrigerator of indisit make from ur authorised dealer m/s samta electronics panipat (haryana) in india wide bill no. 3126 dt 11.06.09 amount 47500/- in the name of nitin goyal/silky goyal and model no. Tansfnf dhx (tk). From the begning there is a manufacturing defect in that piece. Becuase there is a defect in its electronic pannel which is situated in the front of refrigerator. Due to that fault there was no proper cooling in the refrigerator. We have compalint to the dealer m/s samta electronics and the service engeiner visted at our residence and replace its electronic pannel. But inspipte of replacing pannel the refrigerator was not working properly. And inspete of the replacement of the pannel there is tha same problem and agian company deputed the service engineer at our site. And check the total freeze and again he replace the pannel. But after two days the freeze was stoped working. Due to this fault all the vegitabeles and the fruits were destryed. We have to face a lot of dificulties at home. At present the problem is that whenever the power is gone and come back the freeze shows red indigation with a lot of noice.. Its goes on in off condition untill we have not press the buttons. We have purchased its due to a reputed company of the world. But the company and the dealer are not able to provide he after sale service. All the members of the family have been ferstated from this product. All the engineers of the company whom visted at our home repotred that the freeze will have to be replaced except there is no alternate. But inspite of theese problems no action have been taken from the dealer as well as company. The dealer statment is that I cant do nothimg for u. Because
Company not ready to replace it.
Now lastly we request u to pls replace the refrigerator with in seven days. Otherwise we have no any alternate to go in the consumer court and u have to pay all the compensation as well as losses of our sufferings. So pls take a neccessry action as per earliest.

Nitin goyal/silky goel

Panipat (haryana) india
Mb. 91-[protected]


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