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I added the plugin to my blog but when I did it invaded all my adsense ads and it took over the "Related posts" plugin that is supposed to show my other posts. Now my entire blog is overrun by this indeed virus. I contacted Indeed directly about one month ago to remove the account and they said they did but they lied. My account is still open and my blog has been destroyed by these plugins that cannot be removed. I have lost money from adsense and want everyone to beware of this virus plugin. Once you put it on your blog you are done. You can forget about earning an red cent from adsense again because their plugin does not let anything else run. is a scam. They offer absolutely no account closure option or plugin removal option so once you sign up you may as well forget about ever being a part of adsense. I wish I would have known this before. I wasted 4 years on a blog that is now garbage taken over by the indeed virus.

Jun 30, 2015

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