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Incredimail / Doesn't work & won't issue refund

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Earlir this week, I downloaded Incredimail. Their newest version that's supposed to work with OE in Viasta. I spent over six hours trying to make it work. I am not a beginner when it comes to computers. Not only didn't it work correctly, it started affecting other programs as well as periodically freezing my machine. (HP laptop dual core 1.66 with 2 gigs memory, etc. After contacting tech, trying their suggestions, results were the same. They said they would give me a refund if I didn't want to use their product. The next day, I completely uninstalled, went back to OE & requested that they not charge my CC, if they did, to issue a refund & deactivate the codes for the products I had purchased...

That was the last time I heard from them. Three days later, I saw that my CC had been charged $29.95 & I contacted them two more times (including tech & sales) without even any kind of acknowledgement or action. I have since contested the charge with my bank, who of course would rather I solve the problem with IM & have them issue a refund, but then it seems that they've taken the attitude that perhaps if they ignore me long enough, I'll go away...

Tonight I wrote an email, attached it to the one & only time they bothered to contact me & offering a refund & sent it to each of their departments. Sales, PR, investment, the NY office, etc. Just as I said I would if they would continue to ignore me. Which brings me to this site. Incredimail is not an honorable company. We're talking about $30 here. Not a large figure. (though these days, it's becoming more important)...

What I am talking about is the fact that these companies, once they make the sale, not only leave little in the way of support these days (other than someone who can't help in any way but read from a couple of sheets of paper that are basically F&Q & have no true knowledge of the product (& sometimes can barely speak English), but don't even keep their word concerning all the promises they make when trying to get you to spend your money on their product...

I may never get my $30 back for a product that doesn't work & I can't use, but I won't stop trying & hopefully, others will think twice before they spend their money & be treated the wys I've been by Incredimail...

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  • In
      4th of Feb, 2009
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    We at IncrediMail understand your frustrations and would like to try and help.

    IncrediMail XE™ is 100% free. If you are ever asked to “pay to download IncrediMail XE™”, please alert customer support at this link ( We do offer a premium version called IncrediMail Premium available for purchase. The premium version offers additional features and services, but by no means are you required to upgrade to this version.

    If you signed up for auto renewal, your subscription will automatically renew each year. If for any reason you would like to discontinue use, simply email us at

    Thank you for considering IncrediMail™. And please visit us at to learn more.

    The IncrediMail Media Team

  • Ic
      13th of Oct, 2009
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    What got me upset was the fact that I felt assured that the PayPal logo was a fairly safe assurance that these people had a product that was safe to purchase... I downloaded their free software, and was somewhat amused at the options. So I paid the $ 19.95 for there Incredimail Premium...

    From prior experience when purhasing "virtual programs" off the net, you usually get a registration code within a reasonable period of time. Since the monies were taken out of my checking account and transferred to Incredimail, I assumed I would be getting an email which would allow me to be free of the advertisements that accompanied my emails... After 5 days, and no response and 6 emails later asking where is my code ...not a single reply came forward other then 1 email apologizing for the delay and assuring me that if I sign up for the Premium program it would benefit me in my business ventures... That of course is what I already had paid for 5 days earlier...

    I filed a dispute with PayPal, and they were kind enough to refund my monies in 24 hours after they Googled "Problems with Incredimail" Shocking, what these people do to unsuspecting customers... Its somewhat of a tragedy as the product is probably good, but the service is atrocious, and the support is non existant.. Its a rip off, and PayPal I hope has indicated that they will no longer allow there logo to be used on Incredimails websites...

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